So... That horde mode?

Will this ever be added in? You talked about this a while back but it’s been radio silence since.

It’s been requested since Beta, and it would fit the game perfectly. An infinite or wave based horde mode (Zombies or Killing Floor?) would probably (definitely) keep me and a ton of other people hooked for hundreds of hours. You already have a prototype - Defense points!

If you hype it up enough and make it fun enough it could even bring back old players/bring in new ones. Maybe.

I’d really like to hear more on this topic.


Ehhh yet another queue to divide the 20 people still playing the game? It would be neat, but they’ve gotta deliver on the season pass content first, and rehab the game.

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It could also help the current matchmaking situation. As in, people would at least still be playing some mode. 15+ minutes in queue, no opposing team. Gave up and went to sleep. If only there was a horde mode we could have played instead HMMM

Right but if I’m in a queue for a long time, I jump into another one. Then another one. Then another one. One more queue won’t fix the lack of players in existing queues.

A horde mode queue would be super active for like a week, just like the new operation was, then it would die, just like the new operation has.

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I’m still playing the new OPS.

I’m also still playing the original Zombies mode in Wold at War. Killing Floor 1 used to be my most played PC game. I also really liked Left 4 Deads horde mode. I also really liked the Overwatch Halloween Brawl, though that one wasn’t made to last for long. (I hope they build on it in the future though, if Battleborn doesn’t get one)

Horde modes have a lot of appeal and longetivity in my eyes at least. But I guess I’m a little biased.

And a horde mode works alone and offline too. And with just your friends. It’s something to play outside of peak times :confused:


Ohhh, man… old school Nazi Zombies used to be the funnest sh*t back in the day. Still play it occasionally with friends when I can find a cool custom map.

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I stated back in the beta it would be pretty awesome if BB had a mode like Monday Night Combat.
Complete each wave, next wave gets harder, continues until 20 rounds or you fail.
Could be in an area exactly like the pre-release video.


There has to be a varelsi horde mode. I’ve been saying this too since picking up the game. It would be amazing! Give us a defense point, infinite waves and incremental rewards based on how many waves you survive.

This was last night for me… I just wanted 1 match before bed. I spent forever on my xbox waiting for it to start and ended up just playing against bots.

Is that what this game has become? A single player PVP experience?


Less so the defense point. It’s funner if you’re just fighting for your life rather than having to babysit another sentry.