So that thing inside the cockpit...(Toby's Friendship Raid)

So if you follow a few people on Twitter, you might have seen this…

To aid with this discovery, here’s the raw texture used for the Battery. Note: The Toby artwork has been compacted to fit within the texture boundaries, when it gets loaded into the game and would then get stretched out to the full width.

Twice The Penguin Power
Seaweed-Krill Battery
Built By Toby for Tobies

So it’s a custom battery that Toby made himself out of Seaweed-Krill?


Hmm, apparently. Turns out its not subject to the same LLC prevention mechanisms

I got to get me one of those…

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It also sounds kinda echo-friendly eco-friendly. How many bets Seaweed-Krill is Toby’s favourite snack food?


Watch it be a Finiscian Fad

Side note:
In his (presumably) own art Berg comes predamaged

Echo the dolphin?

Sorry I meant eco-friendly >_<

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I bet that thing could give me like +500 shield capacity.

If you find this it will decipher the thrall writing on the floors.

Ecco the dolphin?

I was teasing lowlines for misspelling eco-friendly.

Echo the dolphin is a fairly old school game series

I know, I was teasing you for spelling ECCO the Dolphin wrong. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Whoosh Whoosh?

Hahahaha, well look at that. I guess I did.

We’ve been able to knock it out only once. Does anyone know the exact process to get it out of the mech? Just hit it as much as possible? Can any combination of gear/toons pick it up?