So the event doesn't effect pack chance, right?

I still haven’t seen a single legendary come out of any kind of pack, ever.

I’ve opened 60 faction packs to date, most of em Jennerit for that nifty Solar Sustainer, and nada. Nothing. Not a single one.

I know, I know, RNG, but jeez…its annoying that all the legendaries I ever wanted were either nerfed or are in faction packs.


I got a legendary from a faction pack today. Useless, but a legendary none the less.

RNG is a cruel thing :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

The pack chance was only increased for rare and epic packs (chance for the rarity to be one step higher was increased), in addition to the 25%(?) cost reduction. For faction packs, they basically doubled the drops from those packs by reducing their price by half (more than half actually; they’re 800 now and are normally 1900, which is a 58% reduction).

I’m definitely getting less, not that I mind, and all of the people I’m playing PvE advanced with are saying the same.
But, several of us did get new taunts in faction packs. I got War Face for Galilea and that’s cool, so Happy I am. :wink:

There’s definitely something up because they said the drop rate was going to be “through the roof” and it seems to be “on par or slightly worse”. Pretty much the only thing that seems to be working properly is the loot pack cost reduction (but, from what I hear, not the increased legendaries).

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Clearly there is something wrong. After they upped the drop a couple of weeks ago, I started getting like 3 Legendaries out of 4 runs on Advanced. Today it looks like the old “abysmal” rates have return.


…Yup, just gave up for today, several teams for the past 9 hours, we got no legendaries. (PvE Advanced only)

[quote=“wisecarver, post:7, topic:1541003, full:true”]…Yup, just gave up for today, several teams for the past 9 hours, we got no legendaries. (PvE Advanced only)

Been running for about 4 hours here and have been averaging roughly 1 per mission, or thereabouts, which is pretty much what I was getting before. It feels like less though; not sure if it’s because I’m expecting it to be better or if it’s actually worse.

YEAh, as stated above only Rare and Epic packs had their rarity chance upped.

I opened roughly around 30 faction packs today and got about 5 Legendaries and a crapload of skins/taunts.

Funnily enough getting those “bonus coin” stuff, if it’s 1000 or more, is totally good now since it’s enough to buy another loot pack :smiley:

Opened 3 Epic Packs and only got 1 Legendary, a pretty bad one at that…was disappoint.

I did get 2 Legendaries from 1 LLC Pack though, it felt nice…both new (didn’t have 'em) but one was bad with bad stats, the other is kinda sexy.

So I just got three legendaries from the sentinel story mission. I think they fixed the problem.

My working theory is they left the legendary drop rate roughly the same (perhaps slightly higher) than the increase from last time. So that when the event ends they they will drop it closer to the original rate and blame the perceived drop reduction as a side effect of the “higher” rates from lootpocolypse.

We’ll see what happens when the event ends.

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…You may have nailed it.

I haven’t gotten a single legendary. I had been rolling in legendaries before this event. I know perfectly well how probability and confirmation bias work, but comparing today’s runs (not a single leg) with the runs I’d had for the last week (one leg per run on avg.), I have a really hard time believing some numbers didn’t get turned around and decreased the legendary drop rate. Even there being no change at all seems unlikely.

Oh well. More data points tomorrow.

…Looks like the number of Epic loot did go up, most of it junk of course.
That being said, the numbers washed the chance for Legendary loot.

Hard to believe honestly, even as a fan of this game, that the Epic loot is mostly trash.

Hi all. I wanted to follow up. I did about a dozen more runs last night (no more Heliophage) and got 3 legendaries and 6 epics. Not all great, of course, but that’s fine and to be expected. I don’t know what the drop rate is supposed to be, but a 25% legendary drop per stage, if it’s around there, is fine, and certainly Lootpocalypse-ish enough for me.

My complaint was mainly with Advanced Heliophage. It takes twice as long as other stages, and has a very significant chance of your team dying in the last few minutes before killing Rendain, as the toughest part is when the warp anchors get called down. Even with pickup groups, it’s super rare when my team can’t complete one of the first 1-7 stages. Unless you end up with 4 Benedicts… as I did last night on Advanced Void - but the hilarity was worth the loss :slight_smile:

Has anyone ever gotten a legendary from a megachest? I’m not sure if there’s a technical term for them - the three large chests per stage, sometimes hidden, that contain a guaranteed item drop of some quality. I’ve never seen a legendary from them - I’m curious if others have.

Because if not, and if none of the six bosses before Rendain can drop a legendary as a poster above said, then frankly, Heliophage is broken. Rendain has good drops, surely, but if its the longest, most dangerous mission, with the only drop chance coming from the final boss, and that final boss has the chance to drop a green during Lootpocalypse, then I believe it’s broken, because that’s the only chance you’re going to get after an hour of play. That reward is absolutely not commensurate with risk or time cost. Renegade and Sentinel have great drops, Algorithm has three dropping bosses, and you can get guaranteed greens and whites from 3-minute solo runs on Experiment.

By the by - you can glitch the final boss on the Sentinel map if you destroy the shard trees before he lands on the islands to recharge. Please don’t do that. Happened to me last night on one of my runs.

At the end, though - I do want to reiterate that I love Battleborn. That’s the reason I’m posting this. The polish is freakin’ incredible. All the nuance is incredible. If you go on YouTube, you can listen to all of the voice acting - there is a ridiculous amount, and I guarantee, no matter which character you’ve played for 100 hours, you haven’t heard all of their possible sayings. The dialog and story are lighthearted and comical, of course, but it still reminds me of the quality you’d get from a storyline-driven game like a Final Fantasy title. It’s not Planescape: Torment, but geez, for a shooter - it’s pretty frickin’ great.

Also, kudos for getting the chick that did Cricket in Fallout 4 to do Orendi. I love her voice.

Edit: Why am I not on FIRE right now?!

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Before the Lootpocalypse, the going rate was about 50% chance per stage to get at least 1 legendary, and often at least 2, which is why a lot of people are complaining about it feeling lower than it was before.

This is a very common complaint (and one you’ll hear me voice as well): Helio Adv is long and is really easy to fail yet has probably the worst loot chance in the game. Either Rendain should be a guaranteed legendary drop each time or all 6 of the boss rush bosses should drop their full loot tables as well.

I generally call them 6 chests (because they have 6 things in them; pretty sure I’ve seen a dev call it this as well) and, no, they can’t drop legendaries afaik. Only bosses can do that.

It happens whenever they’re destroyed while he’s in the air. It confuses the script because it tells him to jump off while he’s jumping on.

Not sure about Cricket, but she’s also the same VA that did Tiny Tina (and is the sister of the writer for BL2).

I played the ever-loving crap out of Fallout 4 - 300-ish hours. Cricket is one of a half-dozen or so wandering merchants, so I probably sold to her a good 100 times or so. She was far and away the most interesting and entertaining merchant. When I heard Orendi’s voice for the first time, I was like “omg, that’s Cricket” and then looked it up to confirm I wasn’t just going crazy - it’s the same voice :slight_smile:

You can see/listen to some of her dialog here -