So the Event Weapon is an One-Time Character Thing

Heard about consoles back up save before landing a final kill. How to do a back up save on PS4? I never done that before and need to know how.

Right annointeds going to be annoying to get on it and since it’s a one time thing per characters I’m looking into the back up save thing

I wonder if you could start a new lvl 1 character, kill 100 hearts, then get a lvl 53 sniper. Might be a way to “farm” for it on console. Just spitballing…

You need an usb key.
The event chest is on the user settings save.
Don t open the chest and backup user settings on usb
ps button then application saved data management then saved data in system storage then copy to usb storage

Oh… then I’m out of luck. As for the new character thing I might not have the willpower to farm it. I guess I’ll pass on the weapon and/or trade it if I got one from a quest

You don’t need a USB storage device if you have PS+ you can use the online storage, same process just a tad longer.
I hope I’m in time.

Going look into that. Yeah I have ps+ running until next year. I’ll see if that helps me out greatly in farming during 7 days

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I’d imagine you can, but as you need Maurice you’d have to get to sanctuary first, plus no mayhem you’re unlikely to get annointed. That said, each of my 8 mules will do a run they’re already at sanctuary.