So the game gonna be bigger than 2, so, MORE REFERENCES and EASTER EGGS

What refference and easter eggs do you guys wanna see?

Vary few. Ones from the previous games done in a tasteful and not a “HEY LOOK AT THIS!” way? A few would be cool. Having a blonde haired NPC standing on a shoreline firing a blue laser weapon out over the water over and over?.. nah.

References can make a piece of media quite dated VERY quickly. Best not to put anything blatant in them unless it can still make sense in the world and to people who won’t understand it.

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I’m on the opposite side of the question - I love easter eggs and references in the Bordlerands franchise and I’d love to see more of them. Sure, I don’t want the game to be overwhelmed by a TON of easter eggs - it needs to feel immersive after all. But I’d definitely love to see a lot of easter eggs, subtle and not-so-subtle ones - BL2 was excellent in that regard because a lot of the easter eggs were minor enough for people unfamiliar with their source not to notice them at all.

One easter egg, in particular, that I’d love to see is a Torchlight easter egg. I first found out about the Borderlands games from the CL4P-TP easter egg in Torchlight 2 and I’ve been hooked ever since, purchasing every game and DLC - all thanks to the cool folks at Runic Games (now Echtra Games). So I’d be hysterical if Gearbox returns the favor with something small and cute in BL3. :slight_smile:

Im on the same page, tastefully done - I love easter eggs :slight_smile: As long as they don’t detract from the main gameplay experience too much. I do agree, that they can date a piece somewhat, but on the other hand, I also enjoy researching the story behind easter eggs that I am not aware of.

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