So, the ISIC Boss Fight?

I personally would like to see it re-worked in a completely different way. Melee characters, or melee focused characters seem to have a really difficult time with it, since he constantly knocks them back, damages them and turns invincible, not to mention how he forces you to fly around practically unable to hit him in the second stage. I did have an idea of how it could be done, though I’m really just wanting it to be less of a challenge for a portion of the characters. I actually dread playing The Algorithm just because of that fight and the Galactic Emperor fight, the GE one isn’t too bad, but I don’t know. I do play the game solo, since I have an unexplainable fear of playing with completely random strangers. I did really enjoy my time with the game thus far, and am going to be playing more of it.


In general a more melee friendly campaign is something that has been asked for

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Melee is just not a lot of fun in majority of the boss fights.

That’s true, at least for melee that don’t have a secondary ranged attack, IE Deande, Shayne&Aurox and to a lesser extent Caldarius, Ambra and Mellka. But more than a few bosses just weren’t fun for me in general. Maybe because it never really seemed to add any new mechanics or anything (Aside from getting teleported to the Varelsi void in the second mission, that bit was really fun). It’s upsetting because quite a few of the characters that are melee/primary attack is melee are really fun and interesting, but because of certain bosses/defense missions I don’t want to play them due to the nightmares it would bring me. Here’s hoping at least the DLC missions will have better executed bosses/missions.

i solo it with boldur n his axe throw lol

That’s good for you, and I wasn’t saying it was impossible to do, I’m just saying that the fight is really annoying for me, and for a lot of melee/short ranged central characters. I also don’t really think only being able to hit the boss with one ability, that axe throw, would be very fun at all, but that’s just my personal opinion on the matter.

Haven’t played it with a melee character but playing it with Orendi was difficult as it was! Took me forever to kill that damn thing. I beat Rendain faster that Isic. Bleh. They need to do something about it because hitting those things were tough with a non-melee character.

I personally played through the campaign as Orendi first and didn’t have much trouble with ISIC, until that second stage. It does depend on the player’s play-style and how they augmented their Helix, as well as Gear (if any). But a lot of the campaign missions seem to need some revisions, at the least.

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I had a hell of a slog with solo rath the other night. Wasn’t too bad getting to isac but that fight was just unnecessarily annoying. First stage getting to his weak point. I could not just melee his leg without taking massive damage and being trampled. The only way I could figure out how to do it was let him rush me and then crossblade the weakspot on his leg. Because of cool down i could only do this once per his attack cycle. He does some attack sequence I have to avoid and then wait for him to setup again. It took forever to finally get his stomach exposed. Then I whirlwind it and it did about 1/5 of his health bar for damage so I had to get to this 4 times before he went into his bare head mode and just flipped me up to where I could to no damage and slowly drained life. This was my last extra life so I was dead before I could even figure out what happend. I’ve beaten it easy with Marquis and even other isac. But this was just not fun with rath. Had I known it would be that bad id have saved an hour and picked a better mission for him to solo