So the last character HAS to be Empress Lenore...right?

I’m convinced that Empress Lenore is alive, and she will be the final new Jennerit character. In the prologue, Deande says “Empress Lenore is dead” and Rendain says “Dead? No it’s…nevermind”.

Sooo yeah, the last new character will be her. Guaranteed. I’m sure I’m not the first person to think of this, but I haven’t seen it on the forums.

Also, what’s the deal with the corrupt audio in the prologue?? I tried it again to see if it changed, but no difference. :neutral_face:

It was confirmed by @Jythri (I think) that the 5th DLC character isn’t Empress Lenore.

But, we do know that their name starts with a B.

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And quite possibly one of the Silent Sisters that have been slacking off after they helped win the Thrall Rebellion. We should be getting a concept art image and a name and bio announcement with the news post that will come with Kid Ultra’s release. So either this week’s Battleplan or next week’s.

One of the side objectives in the Attikus Operation involves shooting down Rendain Propaganda Holograms. I believe the majority of the corrupted dialogue in the Prologue lines up with what these projections say if you stop and listen to them.


IDGAF but I swear to God if we don’t get Nova in a frickin robot suit I’mma be a sad panda, so help me!


That’s actually highly disappointing. I was hoping for Lenore, because there are quite a few Lore pieces that mention her. It felt like they were teasing her as a future character. I’m sure I’ll love “B” as much as all the other characters, but this and no Nova make me sad.


Indeed. I was also really hoping for Nova in the robot suit and Lenore 2.0: Back From The Void™

But I’m still incredibly excited for Kid Ultra, and the 5th DLC character. The 3 previous DLC characters went on to become some of my favorites among the cast, so I have high hopes.

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Blenore, Bleader of the Barelsi!


Going through Ambra’s lore, looking for any clues.

There is a Sister Benniteg, who sent a message about Ambra to the Empress. (Ambra Lore: Order of the Sustaining Mother.)

Also, it appears that one Underwarsecretary Fred Boolicsyco overlooked some of Deande’s behavior that aroused Rendain’s suspicions. Perhaps he turned a blind eye intentionally? (Deande Lore: One Step Ahead)

…and, of course, there’s always the possibility that it could be someone who has received no prior mention in the game’s lore. Just figured I’d throw my findings out there.

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Benniteg fits the letter teaser, but my impression is that she may have died at some point.

She was surely Sustained, but with so many stars being Darkened by the Varelsi, it’s easily possible for her to have been killed. The only mention we have of her was from that message about Ambra, which concerned Ambra’s induction into the Silent Sisters thousands of years ago. If that’s the last and only mention we have of her, she could be dead.


This could be a good reason for her to be the character after all. If she didn’t actually die, but has been gone from the universe as we know it, and has returned, much like people seem to expect Lenore to. Benniteg and Lenore clearly have a close relationship, by the tone of the letter she sent Lenore. It could be that she ended up in Varelsi space herself, and that once Lenore wound up there, the two worked together to find a way to return to our universe. Benniteg was able to get through, but Lenore wasn’t.

Some pretty far reaching conjecture, both about assuming Benniteg to be dead and all the rest, but we’ll know for sure in a few days!


They seem to be in the tradition of giving us full on brand new total surprise no lore-service being done characters…

I predict the new character shall be…

BATTIKUS, twin sister to Attikus!


I am so done with you.
You have me laughing hard right now

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Why thank you!

Tonight got all too serious in some ways!

We could use the laughs!

Indeed. And I am not pleased at all

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A sad day indeed.

I feel like passing out black armbands.

But, sadly, we are getting off topic here.

Sorry, OP!

Back on topic:

I do think the new character will be a female Thrall.

(Do we see any of those in game?)

But a unique Thrall, like Attikus.

Smaller, faster, more agile.

Crossbow or projectile arm and blade arm?

Sniper / harasser?

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@Exousia @crimsonregret55 @Deande The thing people need to understand is that by the time the game came out in May, characters 26-30 were already well into development. They also had not anticipated the positive response to characters like Nova and Empress Lenore but even then, you kind of can’t just scrap months of work just to do what was immediately popular. @Jythri has gone through great lengths to get this message across in several @MentalMars interviews and his own posts on the forums, reddit and the Discord. We are due to get “some more time with Nova” in a future Operation at least.

In short, if you guys want to see more playable characters, keep supporting the game and bringing new players in, and above all else be positive! Once the season 1 content has been released (5 characters and 5 Operations), the Gearbox guys are going to be looking at what they can do next so keep letting them know what you want to see and keep the community going!! :wink:






So i might have jump started the whole thing of Empress Lenore being a playable hero. Back in 2015 there was an interview where Randy talked about how Rendain took over the empire. This was the first time Empress Lenore got mentioned. Also after the CTT there was some footage from several press events, which one of them showed a piece of gear with a quote from Empress Lenore. Because the CTT was under NDA no one could post stuff about that, but this was press footage so SCORE! But then 2K Games updated the battleborn website with new movie clips in the header of the profile pages. Going over all the new footage there where 2 unannounced heroes to be found in the footage. This resulted in 1+1+1=7 right? Well the hero turnout to be Deande, which got announced 2 months later.

With the release of the game Empress Lenore doesn’t have a real big moment that really show her presens. But as Gearbox showed off the silhouettes of the upcoming 5 DLC heroes we found out that one of them looks like a Jennerit female. So once i got to interview Randy (Creative Director) i had to ask what’s up with the Empress.

Things need to happen in the story before Empress Lenore could make an appearance. So i was trying to read between the lines and hoped on us getting some more Story Operations first before the Empress will be released.

More recently we had the reveal of Aria, which has let to people thinking/hoping that she was going to be a playable hero. Talking about this with Randy Empress Lenore once again got mentioned.

Even Nova In a Robot Suit got populair, so back to Randy for some questions about Nova. So here is the video with Randy explaining why they made Kid Ultra instead of Nova in a Robot Suit.

Like Randy said they are not yet committed to anything beyond these 5 new heroes and the story operations. However i think Gearbox is committed to making Battleborn a success. They started their own promotion by doing the live streams. If you see how much work they have done with the patch updates and there are still some stuff in the works that Randy can not discuss or else Marketing Ninja’s will hunt him down. So what @lowlines said:

There are a number of threads on the forum that speculate about the upcoming Jennerit hero. Like Mentioned above the Randy teased the first letter, B, and we found ‘Benniteg’ in the lore. So maybe, maybe not.


I highly doubt Lenore should be a playable character. Yes, she is mentioned very often, but what would you expect? An entire galactic empire is her creation, of course high Jennerit life revolves around her.

But if you read Jennerit characters’ lore pieces you’ll find some characters have hard time accepting a new life without their leader of 20 millenia, but their are definitely going to do their best to build something new. Eh, maybe not exactly like this, but the mood of their days after Rendain’s defeat is quite clear for me that Lenore’s return doesn’t fit that story at all.

While Nova is someone who could be introduced to the cast quite naturally. Since she is already part of it, only she doesn’t fight along us directly.