So the Lilith DlC issue

So apparently people who own the Psychical copy of Borderlands: The Handsome Collection can’t download the Lilith DLC including myself, it keeps popping up with Not Available & when I check why it says I don’t own the game when atm I’m farming Bunker for my 100th time today for that Perfect Sham drop

Edit I got it to work, just downloaded the digital version & the DLC was available to download

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i’m having the same problem. I figured i could just download bl:thc from ps + but seems pointless to have two copies of the game saved on my hard drive. Have you found another way around it?

Add it to your library from PlayStation Plus and it should unlock

This might be a hit and miss thing. I own the physical for xbox and had no issues.

I, also can not download the DLC on PS4, I tried this morning, and after moving the game files to the internal hard drive, all with no luck.