So the team that made those animated shorts

Please talk to Netflix and get a Battleborn show going, I would watch it.


Yeah, That’s what I said too when I first saw the cutscenes.


totally would watch it !!!

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Me and the better-half would totally watch this. Love the music too. Keep em comin’

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I’d seen the little clip prior to starting a beta mission but I wasn’t prepared for an animated short like that. The hand-drawn style was fantastic and I can’t think of a game that has done that for a long time. That and being able to retry the prologue are a must.

Reminded me very much of Heavy Metal.

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I want to see an animated Battleborn series. Also, Gearbox/2K, do it right. Keep all the original voice actors. Don’t skimp on the animation whether it be 2D (most likely) or 3D (even if it’s just using the in-game resources). Don’t skimp on the writing. Please, no crappy filler episodes.

absolutely lol. They are phenomenal and, though I highly doubt a netflix series is possible, doubling down with plenty of them in the DLC down the road would be a real treat.

The prolog was like gorillas and Samurai Champloo had a child and it was AWESOME!
would SOOO totally watch this Gearbox if you guys have such talented artists and music staff why do bother with 3d cinema’s for? It’s a waste of great talent, Make Battleborn into a show on Netflix or Cartoon Network and you’ll have a winner.
Key things
stick with the animation staff they did a magnificent job
keep up with the music it’s very well done
and use the voice actor/actresses of the characters their unique attitudes are perfect
please for the love of glob no Fillers… unless its Oscar Mike solo episode he’s to darn hilarious to call it a filler. Seriously his voice actor deserves a darn medal for best motivational Ad/trailer ever, or a raise.Maybe even a brofist from Mr. Everest Montana the man mountain but that might be too much awesome for our little screens to handle

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See, you guys say no fillers… But when I watch something like Supernatural (Don’t judge me), the filler episodes are the really great ones…

I would like to see some episodes that expand on the campaign missions as to add some context. It would also be a great medium to give back-stories for the characters.

Who knows, if they did something like that and created a show tie in, it may even generate some positive buzz and hook some new fans. Maybe they could even release shorts along side new character add-ons.

They could turn this into a one of a kind multimedia experience and dig themselves out of this boondoggle.

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