..............So the weapons buffs are just... 7 .no wait 8 smgs?

I didnt take it literal when i saw them say several smgs werre buffed.

So other weapons are buffed by enemy health being lower?

Thats their balance? A new smg meta. Cuz theyre popular?..really?

But thats it? 7 … 8 smgs. All this time. Thats the balance?

Not… Across.the board did they look at old legendaries that wont get touched because they don’t scale to mayhem well at all? No?! Alot of guns would be “popular too” if they were effective.

Pardon me if my enthusiasm just went from 10/10 to



Like I said in another post, they were bandaid hoping that just decreasing the enemy health would be good enough and it’s just not. I’m willing to bet most of those smgs that were buffed will still be terrible, meanwhile all the other weapons that were bad will still be bad. 12500, to 10k is still a massive amount of health for weapons that were shooting gummy bears as bullets :confused:


There are a ton of other fixes in this update - to focus exclusively on specific balance changes is being a bit unfair, in my opinion.

They’ve always said this was a two-phase update. We’re likely to see quite a bit more in the next update (plus hotfixes inbetween, which is when they’ve addressed underperforming Legendaries in the past).

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In actually pissed! I waited all this time this garbage?

So many legendaries and this is all they buff?..

Im not gonna blame ppl for not playing anymore or say be patient. That feels like a slap in the face.

Also sandhawk does what now x7 more damage than the highest damage purple sniper? Same lvl.
Snipers are trash except the UT.

R.i.p. skullmasher. Every shotgun but the lob and anarchy.

They must balance this game around Amara doing Captain Planet mode bonus element damage.

Im just wasting my breath… Or uh font.


After enemy 20% nerfed, Monarch and OPQ will be outliers. Rest of the AR might be half decent.
Redistributor and Hyperfocus will be good.
If Bitch buffed 100% with 82 crit bonus, it will be good too.
Ripper will be new fadeaway goto weapon.
Face puncher might be viable for Amara.
We will have to test out weapons after patch. There will some still be bad.
But if all weapons are good then we will have bank space issue.


Really just 8 smgs tho? They coulda just rounded up the damage on everything to mayhem 6/cartel exclusive.

So many weapons are trash we have a meta of mayhem 6+ exclusives and 3 cartel guns. Reducing health does not Do that much when those weapons werent tickling them.

So what we’re adding those 7 into the meta.

No im.being fair. They changed the game and mayhem. I waited quite a while. I dont like beta testing this game!


Do you want proper fixes, or just bigger numbers? Look at the changes to the Sandhawk.

Nobody knows if the nerfs are too heavy yet, but changing the pellets, their physics etc - it’s not just straight number buffs (or nerfs) that guns need.

As for beta-testing, hah. I’ve beta tested games. This isn’t anywhere close to that. I understand that you want a stable game, but the reality in modern gaming is that games change - often significantly - post-release. This doesn’t mean that the game you got at release was in a “beta” state.

Ill just wait for the dlc.

Say whatever excuses u want for em. The game as a whole has alot of problems. Yes i want em fixed.

But diversity playing with diff guns is all that keeps me playing. With so much underperforming loot and really just 8 weapons getting a buff all smgs im dissapointed.

We have whole list of players giving tons of good quality feedback.

Look i already destroy mayhem 10 so its gonna be easier.

I see more anoint buffs than any balance semblance.

I’m not gonna blame ppl for turning sour. Nor will i belittle them like they arent patient. Other ppl hardly voiced their concerns they just left the game.
Said f it.


If I had any hopes for this patch, they would have been broken :joy:

Truth is, I didn’t have high hopes for this patch ever since mayhem 2.0 :joy:

Going to try it in a bit… But probably going to shelve the game… It’s been fun (until 2.0)


If you just want to vent, cool. Not trying to blow you off either, everyone vents from time to time.

We have another patch in two weeks time and after that more rebalances based on the feedback from Phase 1+2 will follow.

Have some patience, they stated what was the idea behind this tuning of MH2.0

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You know what happens when ppl dont let em know
The issue? NOTHING.

Ive watched tons of player feedback luterally ive read a couple hundred post countless individuals.

Im not just mad for myself but literally… They let down alot of ppl.

"Why have you stopped playing" is more popular than any other forum besides the 1200 post please fix console split screen to like every borderlands before 3 which has been around since release.

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Look i know i gotta be patient… I waited since the release of mayhem 2.0. Which was what april 23. I get the need hotfixes and balance changes. Literally went to m10 first day.

They shoulda tested it pts it before launching it.
My friends and family don’t think the games fun… Too many issues to list we all played 1 2 and tps.

For me im the sole one left playing this. Ive bought like 20 ppl borderlands 2… I wouldnt gift them this.

For me looking at overall damage it feels as if the m6 exclusives and cartel guns well only 3 of them scaled to m10 right.

The rest of the weapons feel like they belong in m6.

It feels like ppl gave all that feedback in vain

Im gonna shutup for a bit on this issue.

Not really. You can sort threads by views and replies, and in neither case is that thread closer than top 20.

I mean no disrespect, it’s just that this is easy to check and it just isn’t true. Doesn’t take away from what you are saying in the slightest.

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Well to be fair there are two different versions with a multitude more ppl postin in it. What do i mean? Not just replies but different individuals. Look at dem icons.

I am technically exactly wrong. Thanks for ur consideration.


No hard feelings man. I get where you’re coming from.

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Holy Hell! The enemies are so tanky in the new takedown. Ammo is a huge problem. I wasn’t really going down, but I ran out of ammo and I was pretty much useless before I even hit the first boss. Even with the mayhem 10 nerf, this is too much. Those definitely need to be adjusted.

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Yup this :point_up_2:. And this game needs to be adjusted. This patch is not enough according to the user above.

Really? Ill go in and slaughter em. Wife wanted to play it with me. So i gotta wait on her.

I mean im punching takedowns farthole like a wet paper bag.

I guess i got something to be excited about. I like difficulty.