So...There Are Technically 7 More Inventory Slots

I swear I’ve never seen anyone mention this on these forums, so I do apologize if I’m repeating something that is common knowledge already or that people are already including in numbers when they list total per character inventory slots, but I just found out about this from my younger brother, who found out about it from our sister’s husband.

In your quarters on Sanctuary, beside your Bank, there are 7 wall slots where you can hang, or display if you will, an SMG, a Shotgun, an Assault Rifle, a Pistol, a Sniper Rifle, a Heavy Weapon, and Gear, whatever that would be.



My wall slot only has one thing in it.

Cloud Kill :pleading_face::cry:

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Why not add more?


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Because reasons.

Lol for Maya.


yea i noticed this a few days after landing at sactuary…i just hope no bug makes those guns vanish into oblivion cuz ill be pissed my entire wall is under leveled legendarys already lmao

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