So there is a sniper charecter? maybe One DLC?

if u played BL2 there was a DLC where One sent a massege for z0ro about his alite skills…
and we need a sniper charecter… i need answers

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I wouldn’t say we “NEED” a character dedicated to sniping. Weapon specific skill trees have always bugged me because it’s just less incentive for the rest of us who don’t want to play the character with limited weapon options. A character that has skills with bonuses to multiple things along with better accuracy/damage from further away? Sure.

(example: SKILL: Per Rank +4% accuracy with all guns +up to 5% gun damage the further you are from the target when firing)

I will also say that we still don’t know about FL4K and they have pets and what appears to have a stealth skill… perfect opportunity for a long-range character.

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The beast master looks like the kind of guy who might have some sniping skills.
Guess we’ll just have to wait and see.


Thankfully FL4K doesnt have skills pertaining to only snipers
But I would like to know more about who helped zer0 this 0ne person/being

I found Moze to be a surprisingly good sniper. Her red tree adds a LOT of gun damage and even has a small reward for critical hits. She’s also tanky and as it happens fighting from a distance and factoring in enemy accuracy over that distance means you’re basically unkillable while you gib all the bad guys in a single shot even on Mayhem Mode 3.