So these extra lives after Aria?

What’s the point of have all those extra lives after you beat her? There aren’t even ops points in the chest after defeating her… soo why is it there? They would be much more useful during the battle or before.

LOL right? It’s like The Saboteur, that extra life will really come in handy in case you die on your way to Nova, those stairs are pretty steep…

I think part of it comes down to the type of chests they’re in, six slot chests often contain extra lives. But they can help with increasing score since less bonus score will drop when you have less than five lives, so if you die a lot during the Aria fight you can open the chests one at a time and stock up on lives so that the next one will have more bonus score than the last. So, there’s that small benefit, I suppose.

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Same with all those overshield orbs and health orbs. I much rather those slots be score, coins, or gear. Speedboosts, cooldown, shields, and health seems like a waste for end-of-mission rewards. heck, 6 slots, make it have 2 common, 2 uncommon, 1 Rare, and 1 epic/legendary piece of gear! Now THAT is a reward worth farming for.


From what I recall, bonus score from chests is linked to number of lives remaining.


Speedboosts are useful so you can get the other loot faster :wink:


1st it’s always a live in them on normal. It’s 100 % safe, since I never seen one without it, except on Hardcore runs.

2nd very good for progressing that extra Live challenge.

3rd it would be cool to have a 5th chest appear at 100 OPs thats right in the Middle which gives an Epic loot Pack and Random Loot. It should look differently. Getting the Commander Faction Pack is nice and all, but Epic Gear is Super Rare too me.

On hardcore there have been quite the Number of Lootpacks , but I have yet to encouter an Epic lootpack as a Pick up (already gotvone once for one of those Random challenges).

I once thought I get on in the Algoritm, it was in the chest after the Henchman fight, but i usually open it and nab it, right after reaching level 6 so I killed some bots on the Bridge, and when I came Back it was a rare One. It seemed to be Glitched, I rewatched the video, but that Nasty little thing changed it’s color.

I would love to have some sort of Commander Epic / Legendary pack, that guarantees 3 Epic / Legendaries without the random other gear… just more than one if it’s kind, so I can get all the variations quicker, and be sure to get it.

Nothing is more upsetting than buying an Epic Pack to get a Legendary instead, but one you already hat at max Stats… THAT Sucks.

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…So much this.
Had two commander packs today that each had nothing but the same junk shield recharge mods.

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Presumably there are x amount of extra lives hidden in chests and crates around the map, and seemingly they can be randomly assigned, meaning the boxes after the boss can contain them.

I had a stingy run the other night where there were 5 lives AFTER Aria ROFL.

It’s for the bonus orbs. And it’s random. It kinda goes with the big chest. The main idea was to give more loot pack. It goes with it.

The number of bonus orbs from big chests (and chests with Ops points) equals the number of lives you had while opening them.


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