So... This is the game?

New to the forums, but am I missing something with this DLC Finale? No side quests of any substance, no story like the past DLCs, and bosses that are boring and repetitvie bullet sponges that takes an entire inventory of ammo- mayhem or even just regular.

I get that they want to entice people to play the game longer and give the end game substance and immitate Torment from Diablo, but this just is not meeting that for me.

Pre-DLC4 things were finally starting to feel fun again and balanced with decent(not perfect) drop rates. Now? Forget about it. Played through the entire first stage and took out the first 3 bosses(no spoilers) and none dropped a legendary.

I want to like this, I want to say this game is fun, but outside of TPS, the “loot” aspect of this game that made Borderlands 1 so fun is just not there anymore.

The “easy modifier” event should have been a sign, because the modifers just, to me, detract from the game. Instead of being able to focus on the game and the action, I’m dodging not one, not two, but three death skulls. EVERY enemy spawns a invulnerability drone, limit to mobs or something. If you’re going to copy Diablo just do it and stop ruining the gameplay.

Got a feeling I’m done with the game after this DLC if this what Gearbox views as a finale, and rather than give a DLC vault hunter(yeah, no one plays them- yet they have a good enough following to make two different dlcs featuring them?), just hate to see this once wonderful franchise go the way of Activision and get greedy.


There was a loot aspect to Borderlands 1?

Actually, three DLCS!. Krieg in DLC4, Timothy (the doppleganger) in DLC1, and Gaige in DLC2. And don’t forget Aurelia, who has a large role to play in BL3’s base game itself!

I get that vault hunters are incredibly expensive (not just the skill trees and mechanics to design, but also the animations and graphics, cosmetic heads and skins, tons of dialogue to write and record, VH-specific enemy taunts to write and record…) so maybe they see the costs as being prohibitive. But the ‘people aren’t really into them’ reasoning just never sat right with me.


I felt there was. My buddy and I would spend hours at a time just goofing off with Craw runs and overall bouncing around the game for gear. Craw felt like a legit raid boss with raid level rewards.

Borderlands 2 started the trend of farming being a endurance challenge of having to kill a farmable enemy for +10 times to even get a legendary(and usually not even the one you were aiming for) and the end game raid boss dropped only a handful of items, and rarely anything of any value. I bought it and beat it with every character(wait, forgot according to Gearboxs “data” people only play one character), then pretty much set aside after doing so as it didn’t draw me in like B1.

The Presequel, which I admit I bought GOTY edition and after it was “fixed”, was enjoyable and had fun- but wasn’t as rewarding as B1 loot drop felt.

Borderlands 3 took all the worst parts from the games past that I felt detracted from the gameplay, and amped it to 100.

As I said in my original, they seem to want to imitate Diablo 3’s endgame, which is great. I mean, it is still played after being out how many years? They obviously did something right. But it has more workable gear/sets/rings/amulets builds that multiple items can work with(and also more than three classes). Diablo 3 has multiple levels of difficulty that you can restart the game at the next “tier” THEN move to torment. And the increased difficulty doesn’t also have you deal with gameplay detractors outside of when you face a named/unique mob- the rank and file enemies aren’t going to being a screen full of laser spinners, only the named/unique enemies drop it.

With the path Gearbox has taken, I don’t see this having that replayability that Diablo offered with the end game content. There’s making a game a challenge, and then there’s making a game a endurance challenge with spending more time dodging multiple death skulls, ice noves spheres, laser spinners, and those lovely pools then actually playing the game.

So yes, I felt that Borderlands 1 was a true loot experience, and the more and more the series progresses, the more they hype the loot aspect while reducing it in practice.


Yea, the drop rates in dlc 4 are horrible. Mainly because there are numerous items in the dedicated pool for the bosses and there aren’t any named enemies with drops apart from Sponge boss. Also the loaders in the Hyperion section drop Dlc 1 items occasionally which is hilarious


I have vanilla BL3. Should i buy the DLCs Or the handsome collection since i never played TPS or even BL1. I stopped playing bl3 and havnt even got any chars above lvl 50 since ive been disappointed and underwhelmed after playing bl2 for 5 years straight. Seems the dlcs are also underwhelming so i never purchased them.

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Me, personally, have felt that Borderlands 1 and The Pre Sequel were the best games of the series so I’d say hold off on BL3 until Gearbox gets things fixed(if they do). As of right now, if you are hitting burn out stages then I’d say that continuing will only worsen that and make it hard to get into when/if fixed.

Also after thinking and everything, I kind of blame the uptick in streamers and the internet. When BL1 and even TPS, the internet was around, but not at the saturation level. Now, within a few days, you’ll have hundreds of streamers broadcasting on the echonet about such and such weapon/skill/build combos and everyone adopts that- Gearbox sees this and then nerfs the every loving hell out of said gear behind some logic of “it wasn’t working as intended”. Or the streamers knock such and such, so everyone hops on that bandwagon. Just for example, I forget which streamer, but they were talking about/justifying the (lack of) drop rates because “legendaries shouldn’t drop often”- but then in the very next sentence staryed hyping about how you can watch their channel and get items in your mail as they find them and, of course, that reasoning “justified” the low drop rates. I’m not wanting a god roll every time, but if I do a farm over 10 times, it’d be nice to have a legendary drop at least once and, yeah, it’d be nice for it to at least be usable. Just as an example, yesterday I went through my usual “just starting” routine of taking out the “easy” farms(Hillbillies, Grave, Banshee, Traunt, Minotaur, Freddy, etc. ones that you can get to in a reasonable amount of time before resuming the DLC4 story) and I got a total of 2 legendary- a superball and black hole shield. This was on mayhem 10. This is not farming, this is a frustrating and unrewarding endurance trial anymore. Before DLC4 drop rates were decent, especially in DLC3. Went through Obsidian Forest and Canyon and Ashfall and not a single drop- just greens and a few purples.

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So ur saying i shudnt waste my time on the bl3 dlcs and try tps/bl1

You can stop right here. Gbx is “encouraging” you to grind. Not to have fun, just grind. They try at all costs, and minimum effort.

That’s all, there’s nothing more into it.

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Diablo 3 was a kick in the face to diablo2LoD fans. I feel like gbx did the same thing with bl2 and bl3. I hope D4 can deliver but I doubt it with the diabloimmortal announce. It shows how much the company Actiblizzard is not in tune with the hardcore/correct fanbase.

yeah beast smg is hardest gun to get as drop in new dlc (as just missing decent fire one) but getting that as drop is very low and time consuming it seems when you add in boss has immunity phase then also if on console quitting and reloading game (as i feel loading into newer dlc map area’s takes longer then other dlc map area’s)

pre sequel was decent and help set up jack’s character and his past better as after playing pre sequel i kinda felt more bad for jack and also loved his character more if honest and see why he was so messed up on bl2.

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I think so. You also get Claptastic Voyage, probably the best DLC they’ve done.