So this is what we're doing now? Boss fight with 0 legendaries, M3TVHM

Killed the Katagawa Ball on Skywell-27 and got 0 legendaries… Even before that, he drops 1 at a time, even though I’m on Mayhem 3 of True Vault Hunter Mode.

I’ll agree getting as many as 5 legendaries before the nerf was a bit much, but this… this is just silly. I know the hotfix was just turning a knob and not an actual patch, but I don’t think a blanket drop rate nerf of this scale was justified.

Now, not only do we have a hard time farming for specific pieces for our loadouts (Still haven’t seen a Deathless relic drop for my Moze) but trying to get an ANOINTED legendary that’s useful for us is damn near impossible.

I shudder to imagine how people who only have a few hours a week to play will manage to get their required legendaries for their build. The first paid DLC will drop before they manage to be able to handle Mayhem 3.


How many hours do you have in the game already? Holy cow you must never sleep, eat or work!!!

I’m retired and play a fair amount between BL3 and Gears 5 but I’m still only level 16.

Do you get anything out of the game or do you just rush to the end anticipating what you’ll need for the end game stuff? I’m genuinely curious and would really like to know.

Also it looks like you’re getting a crap ton of orange gear…

Seeing the loot drop from the sky is just sooooooo damn cool. I think I’ve watched your vid at least 15 times now!


Bad roll I guess. On a fresh new start, normal mode, im getting mad legendaries before level 10…

Probably around 60 or 70. 95 hours, just looked at my characters’ play times.

Absolutely! I loved the story (The first time) and after making 3 characters, getting them to 50 and playing through TVHM on 2 of them, I feel I would enjoy the game more if I could skip cutscenes and dialogues, or not have to play through the campaign to unlock the bosses again.

What I get out of the game is primarily the RPG aspect. I’m not the best at shooter games, but RPG shooters like this and Warframe let me build a character around what I specialize in. In this video I use FL4K (My boss killer) because he has a skill that lets him get Criticals on every hit. Normally, I’m not great at rapid-fire headshots!

Don’t weigh your expectations based on what I have. I have literally no-lifed the content and much of what I have is from before the loot nerf. I’ve farmed for or traded for everything my build needs, given what we know of the existing legendaries. A more casual player with fewer hours to put in will not have the same gear I do for quite some time.

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Damn, 3 to level 50 already. I’m retired and it seems you have a ton more time to play than I do!!

I’m also using FL4K and decided against going the crit hit skill path due to not being good at headshots in Destiny, The Division, etc.

I’d love to see more vids of you using your max’d FL4K though if you have them.

i’m not expert but can you not go offline? i believe hotfix only works if you are online idk.


The hotfix applies the first time you play online. I like playing with others online and trading too much to play offline all the time, so I have the hotfix. Anyone who bought the game after the fix will be forced to play with it, as well.

Honestly though, if a player has to circumvent your updates to enjoy playing the game, there’s a problem.

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well i was playing offline and getting like 3-4 drops everytime tho it might be luck

But at leats evety MF Bandit in the 10-pack that jumps on you comes with a rocket laucher that makes you blind AND every MF Bandit is a 3-layered “sandwitch” with shilds, armor, and health, while resistances are on and at least two of the damage types necessary are nerfed.


Lol it doesn’t look like you need any legendaries anyways killing a boss in less than 10 seconds…

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I’ve uninstalled the game for some of these reasons, including me loosing my entire stash.

Poorly balanced enemies and “conditions” in Mayhem 3
Poor loot after the nerf whilst keeping the high challenge of M3
Disappearing stash (like everything I had in my bank)
Some serious performance issues from time to time

Game is not yet ready.


so true.

I also stopped playing, after hitting Guardian rank 288 on my first char, i ended up oneshotting EVERYTHING with my next Char. What a fun game!..
It simply just felt like a long and boring running simulater 2019.

Im coming back for next DLC, since i payed for all 4…

Hmm… You know I’ve soloed verm after soloing Master G (so that I could trick my system into 4 player) and not gotten legendaries. Multiple times… RNG sucks.

If it’s that big of an issue, re-install, go offline, play the unpatched version and don’t ever update.

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No, a hotfix is applied Everytime you load the game up and are online. PC players have a patch to contend with.

Don’t you get one token per level? You’ve leveled up 288 times? Dude, I just got 40.

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No, that’s happily not how it works :slight_smile:

The hot fix isn’t written to disk, it’s just held in memory. The game will prompt you “There is a new update, do you want to return to the main menu to install it,” and if you say no, then it is not applied.

If you said yes, you can just close the game (fully) and then restart it and make sure to say “no” when it asks about the update. To know 100% that the hotfix hasn’t been applied, just go offline on your console/PC and restart the game.

I have been playing without the nerf for now to have an easy time getting gear, and I can confirm this works; I’ve played both with and without the fix. Once they issue an update patch however, it will be a permanent change unless you choose not to update.

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Anyone have this problem I’m at level 28 and my 4th gun slot never opened up

I don’t understand what all the complaining regarding drop rates is about. Seems those of you who started playing at launch and have leveled to 50 got a tad spoiled with the mayhem play thrus. I’m still in the middle stages of my first normal play thru and the weapons I have managed to obtain are a whole lot better than BL2. Don’t get me wrong, I love the orange as well, but those drop rates for mayhem looked a bit excessive. It seems to me that some get upset if they can’t have the perfect load to kill everything on the first try. It would be nice however to have some dedicated drops that don’t require hours of farming. Love the game so far… Hoping the more serious issues get some attention soon. Cheers


I hope you maintain that mentality when it’s time for you to farm Anointed Gear, because that is what really took a hit with the droprate decrease.

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Did you ever find a Deathless? I have an extra I can trade you if not.