So this time in circ of slaughter

Enemy last wave yet again, glitch into the middle of the map but wait theres more

We were able to damg it but never kill it

Thats moew 3 circs of slaughter that in the last wave a enemy glitched out of the map

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I’ve had luck shooting a Flakker at the red dot of the invisible/glitched enemy to kill it and get through the round. Maybe a Mirv grenade would work as well.

I was hitting it flakker, hex, you name it, the numbers were showing but it wouldnt die

Just let us save between rounds. I failed slaugther house 3000 a few times due to crushes.

try to use your aoe ground skill . and if you not see enemy and stuck in that stage. head to sea
and use your sniper. its always stuck at some where . its work at me twice. its love to stuck at
serious far away barrel


I got to that point last night but didn’t go in. How long does this slaughter thing typically last, or, how many waves are there? Since I just finished the main campaign I set Mayhem 1, will I be nuked to death at Mayhem 1 or should I go back to normal?

Depends how well you can down mobs. Easily over 35-45 mins, especially slaughter house 3000.

There are total of 5 rounds, each of the first 4 round is 4 waves, & 5 wave in last round, often end with mini boss(es).

Round 1 - 4 waves
Round 2 - 4 waves
Round 3 - 4 waves
Round 4 - 4 waves
Round 5 - 5 waves

IMO, they need to allow save between the rounds at least. Not everyone has time to play 45 and over a session., especially due to the stability of game & bugs.

I had crush in the final round, after at least 30 mins of play. Frustration.

Well if it wasnt for the rakks it would be 15 mins but those bastards add 15-20 mins

Wow, you were right. I just finished the story and set up Mayhem 1. Tried Slaughterhouse 3000 and got my ass wiped on round 1, wave 3. I’m gunna set myself back to normal and try again. I can complete the regular missions on Mayhem 1 ok, but the slaughterhouse was laughable.

Haha yah I beat cisctern of slaughter and I’ll never ever go back due to the racks. I’ve never had the enemies glitch under the map but have had one that my girlfriend and I couldn’t kill. This enemy was invincible, no health or shield and we were both emptying our magazines into it. Damage numbers were popping up but he wouldn’t die. Restart fixes it but still frustrating.

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What level were you, TVHM and Mayhem???

It was those damn shock troopers that rush you in a group that did me in within seconds of their spawning.

Yah tvhm and m3 Lv 50. The racks were almost impossible to kill :sob:. I know what you mean about the shock Troops, they got me a few times too. I’m running moze with about a 22k shield and maybe 12-1300 hp so shock rips me to shreds.