So.. Thoughts on the NEW Shayne & Aurox?

I won’t be able to test them until later tonight, and i wanted to know what people think. Namely:
Does the 20% damage reduction make much of a difference, tank-wise?
Is Aurox Beckons still decent?
Is Aura of Annoyance usable now?

EDIT: Perhaps i should have asked this in an already existing thread, though those seem to be dominated by El Dragon and Ghalt at the moment. I’ll let a mod decide, though i’d like it to be known that i regret nothing.

I took on a Kleese, isic, and boldur in face off, killed two, and survived. Zero cost generator, vibro core, and stolen edge.

■■■■■■■ beastly.

THAT’S what i wanted to here! Please, go on.
Is it TOO much, or does thier lack of DPS compared to other characters make up for thier increased durability, in your opinion. Does a shield strength and damage reduction build have the potential to be OPd and removed, is my REAL question.

The punches with Aurox have real weight, and do hard damage in critical spots. Health seems to go down less quickly, so you can keep an eye on your shields and health, and be able to use fetch for an overshield before retreating safely. At max levels, it almost feels like an anti-shielder, very solid against Kleese or reyna.

You can be a scary effective hit and runner. Hit stealth, run into the fray, explode, punch the ■■■■ out of everyone, when your health gets low, grab the lowest health enemy for a shield, kill then, and run away so your cooldowns can reset. Super effective.

Ooh… The want is real. How about Aurox Beckons; or do you typically take the health restore one, which i can’t remember the name of?

If there’s a shielder or two, I take the shield steal option, as there’s likely to be several foes shielded when I initiate it the midst of them.

That’s what i take too (it’s better now more than ever, what with the shield damage reduction), i just wanted to know if the other option was “up to par” now.

They were always underrated. Now they might just be the best all-round melee in the game. The damage reduction is very noticeable, the improved slow is lethal, and once you’ve got your level 3 mutation and level 4 stun going, you’re a nightmare for squishy targets. You can swoop into a huge firefight, tear people up, then stealth out with full confidence that it would take some serious focus fire to bring you down…


I agree, and they’ve always been my favorite melee character(s), and the only melee to be in my top 5. I’m stoked to here they’re way better now, because they NEEDED the love. Do you think they are OPd now with the damage reduction AND stealth, or that because they’re on the lower spectrum of melee damage, that they’re just right now? I don’t want to fall in love with changes that will be removed…

It’s hard to say. So long as Boldur is still a thing (and he’s very much still a thing), Shayne won’t be the new main tank, and Deande has been getting stronger and stronger with recent patches. I didn’t see any Phoebes yesterday, but she should be in a good place too. So I wouldn’t worry too much - Shayne has enough appreciable competition that she may not stand too tall (and thus lose her head.)

I will say that at this point, with the various buffs and rebalances across the board, I am also privately more salty than ever about Mellka not getting any love since time immemorial. :cry:

Ah, but a skilled Mellka user is like a skilled El Dragon user; and look what happened to him…
If i were Mellka, i’d feel blessed by the woodwork, as it can save lives, haha. I’m thankful for the same reason with Toby. Railgun damage too high? You must be mistaken… -laughs nervously and takes paranoid looks around-

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I think Toby got the single biggest buff in the game with removal of friendly collision. Such a monster in the lane modes now. I anticipate going on many Unfriendship Raids with my new golden claw.


I am absolutely smitten by the new S&A changes. So much fun to play in conjunction with the quality of life changes in pvp.

Ah… I forgot about collision; all i had time for last night was the Attikus mission. I hope that it doesn’t result in a Toby, Thorn, or WF nerf (because i can see that with Gearbox’s oft confusing balance issues); to be honest, i see them bringing collision back, at least in PVP, as the potential for teams to abuse it is there. I can’t believe i forgot about the biggest change of the update!

I have a lot of missions with Shane and used her in the Attikus mission today, with GulfWulf, and it appeared to us she was doing fine. We were at the 100 OPs Point mark so damage was very high against us but all went rather well.

Wait, aurox beckons still takes shield, also is aura of annoyance good in damage now, I used to ONLY get it for pshycological effect

Also[quote=“EdenSophia, post:8, topic:1548374”]
They were always underrated

Thank you for making me not the only one to think this

IMO the buffs were not NEEDED, but are very much welcome. I already had a pretty high KD with Shayne and Aurox, nice to know that it is only going to get better. When the game first released they were the only character I played, I played them at character rank 15 for awhile then decided to take a break and level everyone else to 12. Now I only have a few characters left, but my favo got buffed why use anyone else?

The changes were not needed, but very much appreciated.

I feel the survivability changes were DEFINITELY needed, given S&A’s huge hitbox for a melee character. Some players are just way better with a character than others (mine is Toby), but they were still underplayed, and the number one complaint was survivability for a melee “tank”.

As you said, it only makes those of us who love those two rascals happier :slight_smile:

Agreed, also does aurox hungers still take shield

IDK never have taken it before or after the patch, I think the group pull is so much more useful in every situation.

Edit: Because I don’t play incursion unless I really want to shake things up, I forgot I would take that helix in Incursion now with health steal because Shayne can tank a sentry really really well. I will try it if I decide to change from face-off tonight, but I really like face off and I want to try meltdown next so probably won’t be able to test before you can.