So.. Thoughts on the NEW Shayne & Aurox?

No, that… -sigh- that was @cadecampbell

One of us REALLY has to change our icon, buddy; @Kitty_Jo LITERALLY just commented about us being the same person.


I have been confused with you two on several occasions too lmao

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I’m asking for Kitty’s help with changing an icon, because you are only one of many to do so…

Just remember that i’m the funny one.

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I always confuse you two as well regulary :grin: Its like having twins as classmates.

Fixed that :heart:

Errrr…Shaurox - AMAZING! Had just one match yet, but I can feel it :heart_eyes: Will ad more thoughts when I had more time to play them.

Now i am the one with the big “H” apparently… Where the hell are the selectable icons?! I’m on my phone, by the way.

Eh, at least it’s different now…

EDIT: Ooorr not…

Can you get kitty how to change mine to aurox

I´ll do it for you, but you can choose a new one yourself in case you dislike my choice :heart:
Go on your profile page and click “Preferences” - there is a pen-symbol next to your icon, where you can edit it. You can upload an own pic or choose from a list.

EDIT: mhh, the list will not show up…best it you upload a picture, I don´t want to break things^^

Has she been changed at all besides the accuracy, health, or venom?

I’ve never been able to separate both of yours personalities as I base it mostly off of icon

Either we are both doing something wrong, or i am right in my assumption in that you cant choose from the sites list of premade avatars. As far as i know, you get what the site asigns to you.

I am discussing this with Cam in PMs. Recommended he search google for a picture he prefers and upload it.


Yeah, he/she told me to google a picture of our preferred Battleborn, and upload it; i thought there was a list of selections…

Also, us not responding within seconds of each other, is not helping to dispell the notion that we are separate persons. Hurry, respond!

The latter :yum:

Also if you are just too confused, i can always change it for you.


You’ll enable my laziness?! One pic of Toby, please; any will do. Thank you in advance. It says i need to create an account to make my own pic, and, haha… that’s not going to happen.

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How do you know my name?! WHO SENT YOU!?!

EDIT: Also: Well met, M’lady!
-bows awkwardly-

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Can you do it for me, I just want aurox

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Changed. Hope thats suitable.


Mmm… that is HOT. Many thanks!

I’ll try to ignore the ensuing paranoia that’ll no doubt come as a result of knowing you can alter my account.

ON TOPIC COMMENT: Does anyone else feel like Tag Team is even more useless/situational than before, post-changes?


Nah my friends say they still see many use it, if the teleport ever comes back, it will be super useful

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I just feel like the AOE nerf was unnecessary, given it’s lackluster damage. I honestly don’t care TOO much, as it’s all about having Aurox hug people for me.

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Took a little extra work, had to add a background to it to make it stand out more. But I got you set now too.
I couldn’t find any decent Aurox-only pictures, but I hope this is acceptable.