So Toby's Double Hug is basically a 2nd, on demand Super attack?

You remain stunlocked while the mines damage you and he gets pot shots in. I just took over 1K damage just from mines from a Toby who spammed double hug mines and needless to say was insta-killed with no opportunity for retaliation. I know GB gutted the legendaries from being these super weapons but the Double Hug is far and away broken. Stunlocking every 15 second cooldown with 1k damage is something NO hero, super ability or not, should have.

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Yes. It’s to make up for El Dragon having zero on demand ultimate attacks. :wink:


I think I heard somewhere on the winter stream that they’re doing something with the stun

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Imagine if Mellka got a delete move in the next patch.

Or at least a buff.

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