So Tuesday has come and

Nothing, absolutely nothing. No tier 2 skins with the release of Alani, no fixes to the horrendous lore challenges, nothing about the matchmaking and no communication at all about anything on the forums.

If it’s not worth their time to keep us in the loop when it’s obvious this game is really suffering as is, then why should we help fight for it?

2+ years of development and you have already given up… So have I


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Entitled much?..


You will not be missed.


Sweet jesus get a grip.

Also haven’t the past WEEKLY hotfixes/patches happened on Thursdays?


im not going to say anything bad about im just going to wish you luck on you’r travels and i hope you find a game you can enjoy

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As long the day is´nt over I´d not forsake it. Its still tuesday on many places in the world, be patient.

And yeah, this came to my mind to. Maybe I just mixed up the days, but I thought its thursdays too.

Talk about the game and not others, if you don’t have anything constructive to add then just don’t add anything.

Warnings will be handed out with further breaking of the rules.


Thursday is the day for the hotfixes and patches. New content appears to be released on Tuesday. I think there have been a few exceptions to this rule as there was a hotfix on a Tuesday I believe. The new skins and taunts that were released were those that come with Alani. No word has been given at all about any of the tier 2 skins or other taunts and when we might see them (my guess, and this is a guess, is they’ll come with one of the DLC packs or will be unlocked with SHiFT codes through events/holidays/etc). No word on when the first DLC pack is being released either.


Ahhhh now this explains why I´m so confused about the days^^ Thank you for clarification! :heart:

This is a communication issue. The plan to release tier 2 skins alongside Alani, as conveyed by Randy three weeks ago in a Q&A, changed at some point over a week ago. The problem is that, right or wrong, people tend to take these things as set in stone. Change happens. It’s unavoidable, but this should have been, if nothing else, communicated in last week’s battle plan so there weren’t so many people confused/up in arms about it now.


Okely dokely.

I would probably wait until Thursday to jump to conclusions in regards to this matter. Or, you know, not jump to conclusions at all.

The game hasn’t been out for a month yet.