So uh, this happened

I decided to try out Marquis for the first time. Things looked bad at the start, enemies are 20 command levels higher than us on average, one of our teamates leaves before the game even begins, and we even had a guy making obnoxious noises in game chat.

Then this happened:

I’m not trying to say that Marquis is OP or anything (though when you get results like this, despite the odds, it definitely says something at the least). I could name several things that went wrong with the enemy team. For one, they were laughably predictable. The 2 melee characters and Ghalt kept trying to rush me down while they were in my line of sights, and when they did try a different approach, I could still see them coming from a mile away and I would just throw down a time bubble and run. Ghalt in particular kept missing his hookshots and never really tried to get me into one of his traps. The Kelvin kept trying to take me solo and was really bad with his stuns(he would always wait for me to run a bit before triggering sublimate and by then I had a time bubble up and was near base anyways). El Dragon was… well… results speak for themselves, he kept trying to take on the bullets and never once used clothesline to initiate against me. Guess the point I’m trying to make here is that you really need to be aware of what the enemies’ characters can do. None of these guys ever did much to kill me (they definitely tried near the end of the game, but their attacks against me were so uncoordinated that I could easily escape each time), I was constantly getting challenged at long range by Ghalt and Reyna (this is probably the stupidest thing you can do against a Marquis), and their teamwork was so horrifically lackluster that they never made much of an attempt to capitalize on the fact that there are literally 4 characters who can stun me.

tl;dr: know your characters, and abuse their weaknesses. A Marquis that gets the opportunity to snipe freely will absolutely dominate the opposition.

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