So, we are getting an other level cap?

The Borderlands Show Episode 6 starts at 8:00AM PST/11:00AM EST/3:00PM GMT on March 24th and this one is going to feature information on the DLC coming out two days after the show going live, the “Revenge of the Cartels” seasonal event, the next level cap increase, Mayhem Mode 2.0 and an update to ECHOcast! This episode will also feature returning guests to further discuss the upcoming campaign DLC! You can find more information linked below

then i will quit farming for now xD


Mmh this is actually quite annoying, if they release another level cap increase shortly after the 53 one that is rather dumb not to mention that it makes the first one even more pointless on the other hand playing the new DLC at 53 is also quite irritating.


I have a feeling it’s not


Not sure why you say it went to 57 specifically. It just doesn’t have the ‘theoretical’ at any level anymore and it’s maxing at lvl 71.

I’m an idiot and I probably didn’t click it after it went to 57.
I’ll just edit my post to not spread misinformation.


Well you knew they weren’t gonna just leave it at 53 permamently. I just hope it is the last one. Just bump it up to 60, then stop messing with it.


I now have absolutely zero desire to play for the next week+. I haven’t even replaced all of my level 50 gear, and now I find out that 5 weeks after the first level cap, I’m now getting another level cap increase.

If this is the way that the game is going to be moving forward, I’ll just find something else to do with my time.

I mean, I guess the jokes on me, since I bought the season pass.


I don’t know how are they going to do this, but if they release the level cap with the DLC it won’t be as bad, we farm until Max level and then we start the DLC, with a lot of easy legendaries and with those items we re farm our gear. Just speculation.
And also we don’t really know how many levels too, maybe it’s only 2 levels so we can have 2 capstones.
Let’s wait and see.

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Only DLC will be released next week, new level cap will be available probably with the M2.0

Are we heading to a path where we will have to farm the hole inventory again every month?

This is bad.


I’d suggest waiting for more details on this level cap increase before we jump to conclusions. But if it turns out that they intend to release a marginal lvl cap increase every few months, one really could consider putting the game down and picking it up again after the final increase.


Minimal level cap increases would only be good if you could “upgrade” your gear to match the levels. Refarming all new gear every few months is absurd. Worst game roll out I have experienced. If this path continues this game will have a very short shelf life.


I’m just frustrated with another level cap increase 5 weeks after the previous level cap increase.

Between the crowded loop pools, and the ridiculous RNG in trying to get the gear you want, with a worthwhile anoint, small, incremental level caps every 6 weeks doesn’t leave enough time for average players to replace the gear that they out leveled with the previous level cap.

A new level cap, that they broke the news on by twitter, just leaves me not interested in even playing. What am I supposed to do?

Run through the story on a new character, AGAIN? I mean, I guess I’m glad that they tweeted something today, so I can continue to hold off on doing the crew challenges on my Zane, so that I can get them with a future level increase?


If so ill quit till its reached max. Not a real fan of the way they’re doing levels in this game.


I would like a way to get the Crew Challenge gear again. As far as I can see, resetting the quests doesn’t affect the Crew Challenges, so I’m stuck with a level 50 (non-anointed) Bekah on one character and a 53 (again non-anointed) on another. I’m not even sure how people have anointed ones, I thought they were all the same, like the Juliet rifle. If there is a chance for the to be anointed, then that’s even more reason to allow us to re-earn them.

At least the quests can be redone, if you want, so you can farm that gear. And as many have said, we should be able to reset the DLC without having to restart the whole game (I’m not even sure if that works, because I haven’t wanted to try it).


The more the merrier.

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Probably at some point. As to when, idk.

Maybe a new skill tree/new skills with the new dlc new level cap?


This has been an issue since BL2 (maybe even BL1, but I don’t remember). This is why people do read-only farming which GBX discourages. It’s completely backwards thinking in my eye. If they don’t want people to read-only farm, then don’t give us a reason to do it. Let us reset individual quests, crew challenges, DLC, etc. Or just put those unique items into the loot pool for us to farm. It’s not feasible to have to play through completely with a brand new character for a chance to get a crap roll on these items.

As far as the level cap, I say bring it on. I haven’t replaced all my lvl 50 gear yet either, but it gives me an excuse to play the game more. I have no complaints against that.

Also, until they fix the drop rates to something more reasonable, I’d prefer incremental increases. Otherwise you’ll be leveling up way past your current gear and farming for upgrades will become more and more difficult. Imagine looking for level 60 gear with a level 50 load out? That’s like trying to take on OP8 with OP1 gear … not going to happen.


Problem is how will you know unless they make a specific announcement? They raised the level cap in BL2 seven years later.