So, we are getting an other level cap?

I can tell you that based on all my friends, know one will be restocking there banks fully. It’s entirely to time consuming. So folks will pick a few, choice pieces of gear and be done until we get to max levelcap. Sadly, barring new content, many of my friends will play much less which is not the intent at GB. Already many have moved on to other games rendering BL3 as a non exclusive go to. Seems to me these moves were not very well thought out. Oh well, at least we get some new content for now I guess.


Fortunately I am not mad, but a level cap after 6 weeks did enrage me for like a day - as it is a little bit too soon for my liking. For all the reasons I listed above - which were my main discussion points.

Yeah the PS4 community is already really shrinking and non-meta kit is getting even harder to farm and trade. There will be a lot of activity for a couple weeks and I’d expect after the MT event numbers will dwindle even more - because people will hold back until the next DLC because they will expect another incremental level cap in 6 weeks… Which is probably great for GB’s DLC numbers but somewhat frustrating for some players…


I agree with you for the most part. Main issue I see is with gear that is event-tied like the Wedding Invitation - it’s not been out that long and now it won’t be much good for longer. They could probably fix that by making it part of the loot pool after a while. I hope they do

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Dedicated loot pools are S**T. I have farmed Judge Hightower for hours on end just to get my shock F2M Carrier in the Slaughter Shaft. Nothing but slide/airborne annoints from Judge. I wish you could narrow down rolls on annointments, even with eridium for 30 minutes.

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I’d have to check but I don’t think it took 7 years for the first GotY edition to come out- now if you’re talking max level then yes, 7 years- and I did say first GotY edition.

They should just bring back the Grinder from TPS. That way extra gear you don’t need can still be used instead of just sold off for cash you don’t need and it will give you another way to get legendaries you may be after. Eridium can be used to guarantee an annoinment.

Most looters have ways to re-roll stats these days, in one form or another.


Great response. I agree wholeheartedly with what you wrote here.

There’s a lot of sourgraping, envy, wishlists due to other characters having unfair advantage over other VHs. If the playing field is equal, there would probably less of these.

I’ve never quite understood why the Grinder wasn’t continued from TPS, although sometimes it seems like they don’t want to acknowledge that TPS ever existed…


In the latest Borderlands show, they said that could be an option, but special event gear will likely only reappear when that same timed event hits next year. I’m hoping the Skullmasher is a viable replacement for the Wedding Invitation.

I agree, and it’s a sorely lacking feature in Borderlands. The Anointments made the lack of this feature more apparent.

The one thing I’ll say though, I wouldn’t want the Grinder to be as it was in TPS. I don’t think that one was well done. They need a more straight forward version of it, where you can mash up something like 5-10 anointed weapons and to spit out one of the weapons you put in with whatever Anointments you choose. That way, you don’t spend a ton of time grinding up weapons and dealing with high RNG the way you did in TPS.


I’m sorry I missed that detail, since I was responding to the last part of your sentence…

No worries anyway…

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I have the exact same feeling and I strongly dislike it. If it wasn’t for the streamer moxxtail thingy they’d pretend TPS never happened. It’s a ahame as it was a wonderful game with loads of fresh ideas.
That is what is called “Damnatio memoriae”, completely killing off any memories of that game in official statements …


I definitely don’t like the way they are handling the level cap increases. I mean it was just increased to 53 just over a month or so ago, now it’s 57, and it sounds like next month it will yet again be increased. This makes farming gear a pain in the ass, and is a terrible system IMO! Give us maybe 2-3 larger level cap increases over time just like previous games. Thankfully I didn’t spend any time farming lvl 53 gear! If they are going to take this approach, I feel like they need to implement some type of system that allows players to increase the level of their gear, and being able to re-roll annointments would be awesome too! If done correctly, I don’t believe it would be overpowered, they could make the cost very high, but it is extremely frustrating finally getting that gun you want, for it to either have no annointment, or not the right one! At the same time, I am having a good time playing the game, breezing through M4 ( Except for Wotan) with my lvl 50 gear still! I just started DLC2 today, and it’s been fun so far, and I can cruise through M4 pretty easily, although now that the cap is 57, I may play on M3 instead until I upgrade my gear! I understand one of the main aspects of this game is farming for better and better loot, but no one wants to do that every month or two! Especially with the large amount of legendaries in the game, and the annointments, it can take a very long time to finally get that perfect piece of gear for a build, and for it to essentially be underleveled within weeks is not a good system at all! We have nothing to do with our cash or eridium, so why not create some type of machine that can either increase the level of gear, and also re-roll the annointment using a large amount of cash/eridium? I would love to see that in the game, but I doubt it happens. But I’m just going with the flow, I am a “Casual” player these days, and I am still having fun with the game despite the issues it has.

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I believe these level increases are very intentionally being rolled out piecemeal. It’s about maximizing player retention.

The requests for item leveling are missing the point.


well, i am just not motivated to farm at all, right now…

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I believe this is why they have the vending machine event going on right now.
No need to farm World Drop legendaries for upgrade to current level. Just buy them at the machine.

uh… not true. I find the capstone of his doppleganger tree to be incredibly useful. And the capstone of his drone tree to also be incredibly useful. Now I’m happy to be able to have both on.

Dude, have you even zaned?

The capstone of his drone tree is a commodity at best to raise your move speed between farm spot/mission if you run Seein dead, which is kind of a given if you play kill skill.

The capstone of his shield tree is somewhere between trash and very situational.

The capstone of his clone tree isn’t too bad, even if it does mediocre damages, but its main use it still often to wear a facepuncher while you equip a cutpurse

Once again, I’m not saying that they are a total waste of point (unlike some other capstone) but definitely not worth going down two tree and wasting some much more pertinent talents.

And yeah, a lot of Zane build run without capstone at all.