So we get 10 more levels with the Claptastic Voyage DLC

Anyone want to discuss what we’re going to do with 10 more skill points? I’m not sure, I’ve got Athena at 56 and I’m just taking skills for no reason other than I have the points…

Extremely unnecessary… The LAST thing my Nisha and Jack need are more skill points… I’m gonna be face rolling enemies with no time wasted… Oh well can’t do anything about it now


Don’t really understand why they gave us even more skill points to work with. Reaching all 3 cap stones is just weird and builds will not really differ anymore…

Agree 100%

Come on people, you need to complain about everything. You’re forgetting you dont need to reach them.


… What??? You do know it’s going to continue adding exp whether you want to or not… So yea you’re better off going to Lvl 70

Absolutely not hooked on 10 more skill points. If it were 10 Op lvls with just gear and health /shields scaling up, that’d be a a whole different thing though

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10 more skill points… oh my. Now I can have all the things with my Wilhelm lol…

I don’t think you know how this works

But you don’t need to spec to third tree if you don’t want.


I know how this work. They release something, people are complaining.
And, yes, 10 more skill points, but you don’t need to use them to have all capstones if you don’t want.

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It’s the principle of it all. Doesn’t matter that we don’t have to use it, it kills build diversity. Which is something GBX has made clear they don’t want to happen (Or so I thought)


Well, if you don’t have Holodome, then there is no problem…another reason to not buy it…too late for me.

It only kills build diversity if you let it,they aren’t automatically added,it’s just that simple


My Athena isn’t going to reach all thee capstone and neither will my Nisha but man… they’re going to be so ridiculously OP at 70, I think I’m actually going to feel bad and almost guilty when I wreck all the enemies in seconds of them spawning.


I will still have builds with only one capstone, so I don’t think thats true.

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True but it depends on where you place them or if you use them at all,the choice is nice to have though

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Im sure there’s going to be a big update before the dlc hits. How do you know they wont make the enemies super beefy once you get past level 60? They know that the characters will be strong. Im sure they will balance it out.

Oh, no way. 60 is plenty with the way tree progression is set up in TPS. 10 more points means you can hit all the capstones. Sure, you can dump all the points into one or two trees, but that’s usually overkill. Diminishing returns in a lot of skills after 3-4 points.

This, I though 60 was the magic number for this game, it gave people some variance to builds and led to differencing playstyles ect.

Now everyone will be pretty much running the same builds. Not to mention getting from 50-60 was a chore (all my chars aside from Athena are now 60) because of awful EXP scaling in UVHM (300 exp for a badass marine that eats bullets like candy? Come on guys).