So... we'll never be able to upgrade our Gear, right?

Getting the Max stats “easy”. I HATE re-running Missions to get the last pinch to the Max Stats… but I still do it.

I whish i could just farm credits and spent it so the gear is perfect.

Make it pricey, but being SURE to get it beats hours and hours of “Got it… lets look. DAMN. Still not max.” by Far.

So, sounds good?

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…This game needs some serious gear rework.
I currently have nearly one million credits, that just doesn’t seem right.

Can I have it?


I really really wish we could trade for free.
Curses you dang meta data server!

Also there doesn’t seem to be any new Upgrades for loadouts or the gear bank… nothing to spend credits on but packs, which only lead to reducing your wealth over time.

Think people who wanna boost should be allowed to buy XP Boosters with credits.

Even though they are not needed, if they don’t give us more than one character at,a Time its easy to level the new one to Rank 15.

But you’ve played this game for more than 1.2k hours and most of the time you spent on missions. So there is no single game that can provide endless content for that amount of time invested. You have reached your ceiling in this game. ^^

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Personally, I never really understood the reason for randomised gear values.
To me it seems like a remnant from Borderlands that has no real place in this game.

That said, I would also really enjoy a way to upgrade gear. Especially if you are like me and only enjoy the Pvp, getting gear is a bit harder


So, the only gear that needs to have max stats are legendaries because non max stat ones cost the same as a max stat one. But yea, there needs to be a something to spend credits on.
Also, a prestige system. I know it’s not part of this, but it is related because these are late game mechanics.

…Currently 1,585 hours.
I’m playing PreSequel now, not sure but I think I’ve had it with BB.


Presequel is my favorite Borderlands game. Are you coming back for the new Ops? Sad to see ya go

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Reminder to everyone that they’re currently doing a massive sweep through of legendaries and might even change prices

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woot… Considering the best gear costs 0, this makes me excited

Do I need to say that this is sarcasm or is it clear?

Its clear although I disagree

The single most valuable item in the game is a 0 cost shard generator. Then the short list of items that are in the 1B is a 0 cost wrench and now 0 cost health regen. Other items on that 1B list are some game breaking legendaries.

I personally think items make the game more of “can my combo beat your combo” rather than an fps game where skill and strategy determine the winner. My two most common loadouts in PvP are 0 cost attack speed/wrench/shard and attack speed/health regen/shard. There are no items in the game (except maybe ambra’s and toby’s item) worth the cost benefit of those items.

I typically prefer flawed rare regen over immediate regen, as well as flawed attack speed with health for Eldrid, so I consider those better than their white compatriots. Shards is very strong though. But what happens when everyone takes build cost and shards? They’d lose to somebody with more health even though they have an extra 2k shards on hand

Much of the flawed gear (with a usable flaw) are easily worth the cost IMO, not just the free ones. +490 health for 630 shards is pretty huge IMO. That green AD with AS on melee is also a pretty great staple. Free gear is great, especially on capture and face off, and is a staple for characters that need the levels more than they need the gear, but it isn’t for all characters. For example, building shield and skill damage on Deande enables her to do 700-800 damage on burst dash. Symbiotic Guantlet enables Toby to hit for close to 500 per shot late in the game. Symbiotic Spores provides simply unrivaled healing potential.

That’s part of what I like about the current gear system; some characters benefit more from taking cheap gear so they can level quickly and supply buildables, others benefit more from taking strong gear and becoming extremely powerful through that. Some game modes have weak shard economies, while others have shards to spare. And it also enables differing ideologies as to whether it is worth the extra shards to spend them on greater buffs at the expense of activating it later and supplying fewer buildables.


So this is less about what you do and more about what your opponents do. If your team take shards/wrenches and the opponent doesn’t destroy buildables, you’re more likely to win anyways because you have your buildables up and you have a constant stream of big minions. In capture and faceoff, they are even more valuable because shards are rarer and what you can build is stronger.

There are some good non-white and non-legendaries but they aren’t as universally valuable as the whites, which is my point. I would consider those items tier 2, like a good blue, or a solid purple are good, but not AS valuable as the others. The reason why a 0 cost health regen is better than the others, is because it’s instant and you get the benefit of not having to leave the fight at the very beginning and not have to worry about getting it 2-4 minutes into the game. In that time, you could lose out on a level or two and that would be huge early on. To me, that is worth forgoing to secondary effect for the ability to sustain better.

Edit: @beta382 I responded to a lot of your comments in this.

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It really depends on the character, whether or not a zero cost set up is better. I would never use a zero cost set up on Kleese or Deande because it can’t maximize shield capacity and skill damage nearly as well as using epic gear.

I play a ton of Deande and find attack speed and cooldown to be most effective for her. I actually have a few Deande builds right now and my favorite is a 0 cost shard generator, 0 cost attack speed, and 0 cost cd reduction. I know I am sacrificing a ton of damage by not maxing out her burst damage, but I play her more as a brawler. The main reason is I like taking her slows and Ire’s Echo is way more valuable to me than burst brawler (lvl 6).

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This comes down to personal preference. I like to play more like a high risk high reward style while you play the brawler. Both are perfectly viable but have very different gear requirements.