So what about a super speedy event

so ive been playing a bit of quake live recently and was wondering what all you guys would think of a special event in the same vein as giant heads where movement speed is dramatically increased. so what do you guys think?

btw: quake has the highest movement speed of any shooter ive ever played.

Big head event was dominated by snipers and ranged heroes.

Speed event is the time for meele!!!

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it would be fun to vroom around as kid ultra :slight_smile:

I want a low cd with x2 health, shield, regen, life steal.

I want to see all that chaos! It would need some specific cd reductions or we could end in a perpetual knock up from rath or rify networks everywhere.

But chaos magic must be chaotic, so why not.

I guarantee if they gave me Maya’s Fleet as Thorn I’d destroy everything.

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Try bouncy mortars at all times

I use them like scater arrow in overwatch :v and they are amazing in overgrow tunel

I think a almost zero G mode would be fun. Not so much for melee though.