So what can you do with maya..? Ideas?

I mostly play maya atm. I started a gaige and a zero who i play sometimes but this moment im leveling another maya cus my friend needed a partner for his krieg and who suits that role better then maya!
I think for me she is the most fun to play but most of the time i only use 2 build. One for nursing one with bee/sandhawk/ cat.
So since im not so creatieve with builds and combing gear and im very limited with my time to play (i blame my 2 small kids for that :wink: i was looking for creative ideas to try on maya for a change or maybe make my new maya different cus atm she starting to look a lot like maya the first…

So how do you guys keep the game fun and challenging for maya. Im open for everything (gear, builds, weird combo’s) :smiley:

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Well, there’s this right here:

Try running a Thoughtlock Maya build.


You can try this…

This was hilarious…


Challenge accepted! :acmaffirmative:

As suggested, a Thoughtlock build is the obvious starter. After that, I’d suggest allegiance builds. The level of allegiance is totally up to each and every one, but here’s a link to one that I did some time ago.

I think I saw in another thread that you’ve been dabbling with a Banshee build. That’s certainly something worth doing. In the right situations, it’s absolutely hilarious.

There are also a lot of guns and equioment that need testing. By YOU! :grin: Most people, including me, tend to go for the top gear, but Maya can make almost any gun work really well. @Adabiviak and @hattieinduni are well known for making the “not-particularly-loved-by-the-community” guns work really well, and can probably come up with a few suggestions. And then there are RP-builds, where you basically pick a theme, and try to fit certain gear into that theme.


Haha lol. Definitly worth to try. :+1:

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Currently grinding op levels with my Maya and my gf as kreig. For the longest time I was running a thoughtlock/nurse build. Restoration works well with kreigs skill that let’s players shoot him (you still heal him). Be careful with that though as certain weapons and grenades still hurt him. The splash damage on guns like the hornet will drop his sheild but heal him. Which can be useful if you need to strip his sheild. There are a lot of interesting things you can do with this build. Switch between binder, nurse, and banshee classmods depending on the situation. Another cool Interaction is if he takes redeem the soul and revives you he will Immediately go into ffl, but you can just res him. Maya’s cool down is so quick it rarely matters. The reason I’m not using this build is I don’t like thoughtlock for raids/ digipeak. I’m opting for nursing and cataclysm instead. (Though I still have points in fleet so when my sheild goes down I can pop in and out of combat.)


Hehe, I honestly sit at Adabiviak’s feet gazing in admiration when it comes to Borderlands innovation. But as good as the Sand Hawk and Pimpernel are, I can recommend trying more unusual weapon combinations for kicks, especially with Maya who can rock pretty much anything. All my solo characters are allegiance now as that tempts me to experiment with new stuff (I have a Bandit and a Hyperion Maya). And when that doesn’t work I just punch skeletons in the d!ck. :grin:


You know what, Shotguns. Maya makes shotguns very effective because of the use of Phaselock (and maybe Thoughtlock). One of my super fav guns is the Heartbreaker which is nice and easy to obtain, but great to play with. I did a Fire Build based on the the FOX Com which combined with Helios / Ruin / Sub Sequence is actually IMO one of the best DoT damage builds you can have in the game. With +6 in Helios the 11 points will burn for over 1M on the DoTs. But it’s more about utilising Maya’s control aspects for fun mobbing in Bandit areas.

It’s not necessarily a gun build as such, but the Heartbreaker fits in nicely. It’s more of a fun IN YOUR FACE build and is pretty powerful and tanky. If you wanna give it a whirl:

Probably my fav build now.


Maya is really good with Jakobs.


@Ronnie_Rayburn Oke you are right… atm i only farm the most popular legendaries and quest items… Im not even familiair with most blue items.
Allegiance build… gotta look that up haha. But after watching your link it was a bit more clear :wink: Sounds fun!

Ye i found RR/banshee diffucult to fight with. So the suggestion to run from a to b with it was nice. But i will definitly another try with another build.

Thoughtlock and scorn i will give both a try! :smiley:

It’s not a fitting build for every situation, but it works really well most of the time. As long as you stay on the offense, and trigger your healing skills, you should be fine. With the speed boost you get, it’s really easy to get out of harms way quicker than quick.

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I recently ran this thru the Peak all the way to OP8. Main mod was a L. Binder but the skills with 1 point are for coms like Mirrored/Twisted Trickster, L. Siren and L. Nurse. Basically as far as weapons pick a favorite, combine with a complimentary relic and go to town…


Disclaimer : I completely derailed Darth’s Thoughtlock thread midway through. Feel free to skip through posts 25 to 79 as they’re more about my Peak attempts than Thoughtlock :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I always run my Maya with a Pimpernel Fire and Corrosive and a DPUH for FFYL (if there’s any).

Let’s phrase it like this: what weapon/gear (by type or even name) is Maya not good with?

@calendrigame, can you post your two builds (use this site if you’re so inclined), and let us know if you’re using the UCP.

The skills she has that can really change up her combat style in my opinion have really already been mentioned (Thoughtlock and Backdraft). I’m also partial to Blight Phoenix, but without the UCP, it’s more, “cool way to feed Life Tap plus wings” than, “I’m channeling Pyro Pete”. Recompense and Kinetic Reflection are a hoot, but let’s start simple.

For weapons, the singular weapon that plays unlike any other for me is the Landscaper. Have you ever given it an honest try? It’s not for everyone, but it’s like no other weapon in the game.

(from my “Random” collection)

Maya with a Landscaper (no special build here… singularity grenades to pull hapless enemies into the nest of mines when she can’t kite them in).

Blight Phoenix and Kinetic Reflection on deck:

Thoughtlock with Sub Sequence:

Backdraft with dinky Tediore shields:


The Nurse setup is her worst imho and only suitable for a few raid bosses where you are just there to support a DPS character. The majority of the time, her best team COM is the Binder since it lowers everyone’s cooldown and boosts her DPS skills (Reaper in the normal versions, Reaper and Wreck in the Legendary version) so she is doing damage too.

For general Maya play, I prefer either a Leg Binder build or something similar to Derch’s Twisted Pimp build (look it up on his youtube channel).

Another gimmick build is the backdraft build with a shock slowhand, transformer shield, and a Scorched Banshee COM, there’s videos on youtube

Lots of other great suggestions above, I’ve been running a Thoughtlock Maya recently and it’s a lot of fun.



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How dare you. :laughing:


I hope this is correct
That is the one i use with cat and mostly solo but got res just in case.

Oh i dont know what ucp is… i play on xbox one. Is it a mod? Can i use it and is it worth having?

My next build for mostly nursing is
I try not to kill much with this build because of my gunzerking partner but in case i have to i got wreck and some points in accelerate and intertia.
I went to OP 8 with this build so i think its pretty solid
Like i said for solo i only use cat and sometimes legendary siren.

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Those look like good builds to me! The only thing I’d change is the one point in Blight Phoenix. It depends a lot on your playstyle, but I’d either go with 0 or 5 points. It gets quite a bad rep as a skill but I really like using it, especially in conjunction with Life Tap if you ever experiment with that. You don’t have to be nose to nose with enemies, however it does require fairly close proximity to trigger. In order to have it make a battlefield difference I fill it up (or else skip it).

I’m also not the biggest fan of Sustenance, though that’s mainly because I either go full Harmony and skip it for Life Tap, or put those points into Motion and fill up Inertia / Quicken. The health regeneration is a bit too slow for my tastes. However, it does offer help in countering elemental dot so some people find it useful.

The “ucp” is unofficial community patch - a community made ‘update’ which brings in some interesting changes. Unfortunately I think it’s only possible on pc.