So...What did I miss?

Other than this new forum…

How’s A:CM? Still broken as it was? I see some of my Steam friends are still playing it. That alone is just…wow…
What happened to PJAB? Did they get anything from Gearbox/whoever they tried to contact?

I myself uninstalled A:CM for Isolation instead. I think both games are terrible, didn’t even bother to finish A:I. Was contemplating about maybe installing A:CM and continue with the mod once in a while…But then again the last time I did it the interest was so low it faded away into irrelevance quickly enough.

So yeah, what’s going?

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Well…you’re pretty much caught up. Aside from SEGA calling Gearbox, mostly Pitchford, out for the false advertising, this game has zero media presence. The best Pjab got was a “neat!” Tweet from randy. So, everything is pretty much where you left it.

As for A:I, what did you not like about it? I thought it NAILED the atmosphere of “Alien”. It has zero replay, but I knew that going in. Thought the one time trip was worth it, and it was nice to play something that respected the source material. But I understand how its not everyone’s cup of tea.

I just felt it was a weak game overall.

While it did have amazing atmosphere and some impressive sound/graphic design, the encounters with the androids, humans and xeno…All felt very…Artificial? Once I realized how dumb the AI was, I just wanted the thing to get it over with. Eveytime a Xeno appeared, I was like “Ugh, not this ■■■■ again!”. It felt very scripted and repetitive. I didn’t record how stupid the Xeno AI was, all I did was stream it to a few of my friends. I mean you could sit in a corner right next to it and it wouldn’t care!! On HARD difficulty!

However, the android and human AI…Well, take a look:

(The last one is just…horrible…)

The thing is…I watched my bro complete this game (for the second time!!! how is that even possible?!) on stream, and I haven’t regretted one single bit that I didn’t bother with it. In fact, I was kinda pissed, especially about that awful ending. That’s A:CM-level ending right there.

A:CM: Weak graphics, bad campaign, OK multiplayer that I’ve wasted 640 hours on, hoping that GBX would finally fix it.
A:I: Great graphics, weak campaign, no multiplayer…

While I see your point on the AI, the story was leaps and bounds better than A:CM’s “let’s ruin the franchise just to have a reason to be at Hadley’s hope”. While I agree the ending of A:I is…muddled at best (kinda comes of as a dream. How’d it get there? How did it not grab you? Why is it not right beside you currently?). Its still WAY more closure than “we got everything”.

My two cents.

In the end comparing a shooter (with poor aim mechanics) to a stealth game (with AI that can’t bend over into a vent) is like comparing a trans Atlantic flight to scuba diving. Its different strokes for different folks.

But the AI issue in A:I is not the fact that they can’t bend over. In the video you can actually see that I’m no longer in the vent (door’s closed), and the thing still does jack to me. How about that scene where you can literally rush (even through via that ladder) and the humans will just…Stare at you? That’s just those videos, there is much more of this going on. Even the Xeno is pretty damn stupid.

The only thing I liked about A:CM was its versus multiplayer, it really did have a lot of potential.

I couldn’t get into the multiplayer. In all honesty I couldn’t get into ANY aliens games multiplayer. I think its that people playing as the aliens, don’t act like aliens. Hiding, waiting, running on the walls. Most players use them as call of duty super melee person and run around punching people. Nothing terrifying about that.

Its a shame the game came with so many MP maps, added 8 more through DLC ( that no one bought), but Bug Hunt ( the only redeemable thing) only got 3 maps.

We played quite a lot of DLC maps. They were absolute garbage.

they seem to look pretty…

I know what you meaning!

The A.I is pretty “O.K.”…BUT…once ya know how to handel it, Isolation becomes a awful and boring game!

And I don´t know the hype about this game. A friend and myself play it on PS4. After 10 or 12 hours we finished it, on hard!!! The first 3 hours was intense, but the rest was just boring.

And the story…Jesus…A:CM got the better one (i.m.o)!

My buddie sells Isolation allready by auction on eBay. And I don´t wanna buy it on PC!


@Cilitbeng- that’s hilarious.

PJAB folded unfortunately. Lots of reasons led to this, our threads were getting shut down on the Forums, one of the moderators attempted to “stalk” us on twitter, numerous internal issues. We just got to the point to where we didn’t have fun anymore and brought it to a halt. About the only thing we did get done is we contacted the parties involved in the lawsuit and ask them to put SDK and/or specific patches on the table in addition with the proposed settlement. Right now all we can do is wait.

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ummm…Isolation’s biggest achievement was the AI of the Alien, every other character in the game was dumb as a brick. Graphics wise it was superb, game detected my GTX970 and automatically set it self up for 4K resolution and ran beautifully. While the game is fun, I fin the fact that you cant do anything but run and hide from the thing extremely frustrating. Even more frustrating is the fact that you cannot save at will. you have to make it to check points. I give it an 80%, it was well implemented and immensely bug free compared to ACM. Fun factor dwindles at times though, and as a result I am still working on my first play through. I will finish it one day, but considering the nature of the game, I doubt I will play it a second time. Crazy thing is Creative Assembly are already talking about a sequel using the exact same method which I find puzzling because to do it once is great because its new, but to do it the same way again well…I don’t see it working out as great because it has already been done once before.

I love Isolation.
It’s the Alien game I’ve always wanted. Mostly because it followed my favorite film in the series, the first one. When the alien was still a deadly and perfect organism. An unknown that couldn’t simply be gunned down in a narrow hallway.

And, if CA are really up for a sequel… then I say hell yes.
Just because they plan on using the same style doesn’t mean it will follow the exact same path.

LOL, they couldn’t gun it down because they didn’t have guns. In Aliens they went down because they had high powered weaponry. AI was not the game I wanted at all, although I will say it was fun. As far as CA and a sequel, I would rather not have a repeat of the same type of gameplay, that’s like same song different day type of thing. For the same reason Ridley Scott didn’t make Prometheus in the same vain as Alien because it had already been done. If CA does another AI game they are gonna have to do something to keep it interesting otherwise the game will lose its luster real quick!

I know they didn’t have “weapons” in the first film. But, the alien felt deadlier due to the fact that it couldn’t be killed.
In Aliens… when you see the marines gunning down multiple aliens… it takes away from the “perfect organism” of the creature.

The alien felt… safer in the Aliens. As if they were only deadly in groups.
Isolation brought that back. Given the feeling of danger back to the alien, something that had been missing since the first film.
Even Alien 3 made the alien seem deadlier then Aliens did. And yes, I know… “no guns”… but my point stands. When you’re able to just gun it down with “high powered weaponry”… the alien looses a lot of it’s intimidation.

I would love a sequel to A:I.
And considering how well they delivered on Isolation, I trust CA to deliver again. Knowing they can’t repeat the formula.
Hell, they didn’t even stick with one formula through out Isolation.


I can’t agree, if anything Aliens reinforces the idea of them being the perfect organism painting an even deadlier picture of the creature. In alien it was merely an unknown hostile organism that was wandering around going on a killing spree. Aliens went further demonstrating a highly intelligent methodology behind what they are and what they do. Even with all the weaponry the marines were all but wipedout. I wouldnt call that safer.

The marines got wiped out because they over-estimated their abilities.
They were convinced the mission would be a cakewalk. And, while they killed countless aliens in the process… they still backed themselves into a corner simply because they didn’t take Ripley seriously when she tried to tell them what they were up against.

Using the “alien” in the second film, had the marines actually been aware of the danger they were facing… they would’ve fared better.
Hell, the stand off in the second half of the film goes better then the initial encounter. With less marines. And that’s only because they didn’t run in thinking they were untouchable.

But even so, it makes the creature only deadly in large groups. Where as the reason the alien worked so well in the first film was because it was an unknown. You don’t get a good look at it, you don’t know what you can do against it… you don’t know what it’s goals are.
Something about “Oh, just shoot it with a gun… that kills it” takes away from the fear of the alien.
I like the second film, a lot (the original cut… not the director’s cut), but the first film is the best in my eyes. The unknown, the stealth and deadliness of the alien.

Also, I’m strongly with H.R. Giger’s opinion… I’m not big on the “redesign” of the alien in the second film. The original design is the best.

But could’t the same thing be said if they made it like Colonial Marines? You can’t shoot a bunch of Aliens on a space station. To quote Cpt. Dallas “that S***'ll eat through the G**DAMN Hull!”.

The intelligence of the alien played a major role in the fall of the marines in the second film. “How could the cut the power they’re animals?” To quote Hudson, testing the defenses, Waiting for the right moment to attack, and coordinating their efforts, itall led to the defeat of the marines. As far as the “redesign” of the alien goes, not much of one they are virtually identical with the exception of a couple of details added to the arms and the removal of the dome so not much to complain about their.

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