So...What did I miss?

If you recall it didn’t eat through the hull it stopped after a few decks, so still totally plausible.

If you also recall, that amount of acid blood from the face hugger was from basically skinning its knee. a double barrel to the face and we’re talking “China Syndrome” levels of hole making

I agree with most of this…but why don’t you prefer the directors cut of Aliens? Sentry guns FTMFW

I love the sentry guns.
But, a lot of the added stuff at the beginning…

Personally, I feel the film works better not seeing LV-426 until Ripley and the marines arrive. Not seeing Newt until after everything has fallen apart. I’ve always preferred the opening of the theatrical film, for some reason… adding the scenes with people at the colony just… takes away from the film IMO.

I love the director’s cut of Alien. And the Assembly Cut of Alien 3 is the only way to watch the movie.
But, Aliens, the theatrical cut is the best version. But, it should’ve had the sentry guns in it from the start.

I like Hadley’s Hope before the aliens take over. It gives a creepy contrast to the hustle and bustle of “normal life” compared to the aftermath. I could do without the “dead daughter” video wall scene. On the fence for the Burke cocoon scene.

To each his own. :slight_smile:
I prefer the colder opening to Aliens, the darker tone… coming into the colony and seeing it empty, destroyed… it gives you the chance to imagine what happened to the people there without a clear idea of what it was like before.

Also, on a side note… I noticed this morning… that my Aliens: Colonial Marines shirt glows in the dark.
I got dressed in the closet as to not wake up my wife… when I walked out of the closet through the bedroom… she said, “I can see your shirt”. :stuck_out_tongue:

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never knew A:CM got “swag”


This is the shirt I got…

Absolutely love it.
I also got a black wrist band that said “Weyland-Yutani” on it. But the lettering has completely faded off, so now it just looks like a black band. :stuck_out_tongue:


That’s actually a pretty baller shirt

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This is quite funny,

Nice one!

I got a old W-Y Shirt. It´s grey and totaly washed out. I make shot of it later. :wink:

Ok, this is my W-Y Shirt.

As you can see it is very old,and washed out! I bought it 1995. But I still love it! It´s kinda vintage. :wink:

Here are my W-Y shirts:

And a couple production stills I had printed and framed:

You can probably guess that the first and third (Assembly Cut) are my favorites. I finally got around to the game a few months ago–bought it and the DLC using Amazon points and gift cards, so considering it was all essentially free, I’m satisfied. I didn’t mind the human enemies; the third film established the company’s willingness to use deadly force and now it’s progressed into open conflict. The developers even cared enough to include the Alien 3 PMCs. :grin:

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