So what do you guys do when

I’ve played Borderlands 2 off and on since it’s original release back in 2012, and during that period I have at times become very burnt out on it, sometimes not going back for months. I was wondering if any of you have specific things you do in the game to combat that feeling? I know it happens with any game if that’s all you play for long periods, and i’m curious to know if there are any ‘new’ things to try to get past the wall.

Change builds, loadouts, and drink.

Killing raids as fast as I can is a personal challenge I allocate myself, I even managed to make the time trials leaderboard a couple of times, maybe take that challenge.

I had a good break from it , I think when destiny came out.
I picked it back up again when I bought the Handsome Collection and it felt really fresh.
I get burnout on most games so I dont mind leaving them alone for a while.
I think ill be playing the Borderlands games off and on for years though , because theres always going to be new things I can try.

as @Slif_One says, I will also bounce back and forth between TPS and BL 2, and/or Play Fallout 4, Doom for a couple of days

This is the only shooter I play, so when I get that urge, it’s my go-to. Plus, I’ve got 5 characters at max level in each game, and I love farming, raiding, exploring, doing BAR challenges, and just doing the petty loot grind. Always have something to do.

And I’ll play other stuff like Final Fantasy, Zelda, Xenoverse, Mario Kart, etc.

I’ll second that! :thumbsup:

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Make a new character and do a speed run, Power level people in Pete’s bar, reset play through.