So what else are we getting in second season pass besides arms race and 4 skill trees?

Feels kind of wired that gearbox says that there is more content, yet they don’t say what it is.

Directors cut is supposed to be new missions and endgame stuff, but they’re probably going to be tip lipped for a few more weeks. I believe there is a brief description of designers cut on the Borderlands website or Twitter.

Are you sure that’s not Director’s cut. I thought the package of Trees, Models, and Arm’s Race was considered the Designer’s cut? That’s how they refer to it on the official site.

Designer = gameplay & graphical content?

Director = narrative/ mission & end game content? (slated for 2021, probably in time for Spring & Conventions)

I forget which one is which. Whichever one is the second part of the season pass.

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That’s Director’s cut. Good to have confirmation, of a sorts, what it might be.


Did they announce all of the updates last season form the beginning?

I have wondered this as well. Is the “Arms Race” part of designer’s cut the only actual “content” that is included? No new areas to explore or missions to do or anything? I mean the new skill trees are nice but if I don’t like this new “mode” there won’t be anything to do except the old content which is fine but it won’t feel like much of a DLC at that point. That being said I’m still unclear if Arms Race and the skill trees are all that is there?

For DLC5 aka the Designer’s Cut I think that’s all there is. The new character models can be obtained in ways unrelated to the new DLC and M11 along with the other core changes made by the patch will be free for everyone. I think that’s all that’s been discussed unless I’m forgetting something.