So, what ever happened to (Spoilers!)

Corporal Best?

She’s in all of those echo recordings that talk about the shield that blocks our way and Zarp + the Iridians but nothing else is known about her, or did I miss something?

I wonder if she survived the VH assault on their base or maybe she died some time before that.

Killed by Jack along with everyone else belonging to the Lost legion.

Likely just another Dahl dude/ette you kill, among the many. Possibly Corporal Bob is actually Bobbie-Anne Best. Who knows? Who was the messenger in that mission, to pass on Zarpedon’s last message to her daughter? You know, the one you find in Triton Flats getting beat-up by scavs? Might be her? Or maybe, the body on which you find that ECHO for that quest?

But most likely, CPL Best is one of the many Dahl troops you mercilessly slaughtered (can’t spell SLAUGHTER without LAUGHTER) throughout the game.