So what exactly does Terror do?

Does it increase damage i take?..or is it something solely for terror weapons?

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not sure I was too scared.


heh…i see what you did there

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Terror itself loses your accuracy and handling I believe…

There are anointments you can get on gear that turn the terror into bonuses once you have acquired enough terror to trigger the impact.

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ah…i mean honestly, my moze build is built on spray and pray, and honestly i see few downsides to this event, if it means less annoited enemies spawn in due to the ghostly enemies

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Anointed enemies actually spawn badass ghosts so no worries there

cool…also I saw that people are mad about annoited weapon drops but…idealy, shouldnt annoited weapons just be things that you dont build around?..because then its annoited or nothing in the end game no?

never trust a man that says honestly twice in one post!


shush, I am very trustworthy…I think

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but in my opinion on annoited stuff (im sorry for getting off topic) annoited buffs should be things that just exist, you shouldnt build around them, because then the game gets boring in the end game

Already the case for some people… However anointment benefits are just another way for gbox to extend playability

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yeah, you are right, but like for me, My moze has almost no annoited gear, which is good for me because I barely use Iron Bear except to proc my shield regen and infinite ammo, I dont want to play around a single weapon, I want to play around my skills

Annointments are a nice bonus, and really shouldn’t be the core of a build, but some of our more gear dependent VH buddies cough Zane cough really benefit from some class specific annointments to keep up with the end game content right now.

I do agree that zane needs some love, hopefully he will get it

though that does make me ask one question…why are people so mad about this free event that you can just ignore, you dont have to go to heck, you can just play normally, its just…halloweeny themed now

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Because it’s not really ignorable… Even if you don’t start the quest or collect any hecktoplasm you still have ghosts either wrong your ammo or debuffing your stats.

Also halloween isn’t celebrated by all.

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fair enough…i guess its just personally that I dont see an issue for it, i mean, ghosts die in like…1 bullet even on mayhem 3

I’ve been having an issue though lately where I’ll clear out enemies and there will be one last ghost that hits me and immediately puts me into ffyl when I have full health and shields. It’s like some of them can totally ignore health gate.

yeah…that does sound like an issue, but more of an annoyance than anything else, personally I focus the ghost down when I see it appear, so it doesnt effect me later

Well, for one thing, Terror certainly didn’t improve on the devs’ grammar at all.

“While Terrified, enemy bullets have a chance to reflect off of you.”

^That one instance of “of” shouldn’t be there, since “off of” is incorrect usage of English.

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