So what Grenade is everyone using with Moze?

I still use a recurring rad hex but lately I’ve been finding success with an epicenter . Its pretty boring but seems to heal my shields way better with vampyr than the hex. Plus it has the annointment that makes IB drop it when hit sometimes. (The annointment is bugged so you have to unequip and equip grenade each time to get into IB though)

What grenades are guys using with moze in M3 and why?

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I’m using the Cloning Maddening Tracker. It doesn’t do alot of damage but i mainly use it to stay alive + ammo regen. I’m getting kind of bored of using it though. I wish the Hunter-Seeker would proc vampyr with the bullets it shoots

I have two Mozes, each of whom carry a slew of grenades, but my favorite is still a purple shock Exploder, MIRV, Nuke thing (it might have Link and something else). If I land it under someone’s butt, all the nukes go off at once.

Anything I can find with a good Elemental and Singularity part combo. Singularities and Hellfire means more grenades :slight_smile:

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still experimenting, but stormfront is the one I fall back to

Whispering ice is the cats unforesaken roar as well. Detonates on impact and also lays traps so it can hit things multiple times, cryo and fire damage with Moze’s skills and a singularity on top.

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Moxxi’s Bouncing Pair is really good with her it bounces a lot, throws two grenades shock and fire, it’s just plain fantastic

I run a shock Tina’s Hippity Hopper with the transformer. The self heal helps a lot on top of Vampyr.

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If only the Whispering Ice would drop as anointed…

I use the Nagata for health regen and the cryo Hex for freezing enemies. I have a CM Tracker too, but I don’t actually use it all that much.

I’ve been torn about these… just not used to the different gravity effects than BL2 yet. It’s great (awesome, really) that it pulls them into the air (along with explosive barrels), but it doesn’t seem to yank as far or as hard as the ones from BL2? How are you using these?

I just got one of these. Mine’s rubberized - are they all like that? I mean, it works, but I’ll take almost any other delivery system if that’s an option.

What other parts are on the ones you’re using? Because for some reason, Rain parts REALLY throw enemies up. I like contact ones with really grounded effects on them. A blue Black Hole Contact is a Vladof with two Singularity parts and that’s it. It really just brings things in.

I’m still messing with some. I buy every cool singularity I see in an ammo machine. Want me to do a test run with a bunch and see what I can show?

Is the whispering ice really that good ?


Please do! There’s another thread about grenades in general here, but I’ve only toyed with simple ones (Lobbed, Impact/Sticky/Exploder at minimum).

I wonder what it would do if it also had Force… knock them away but still draw them in? :thinking:

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random find or vending machine? I’ve been looking for something like this for a while, especially to combine with my transfomer, but with no avail. Can I have a look at the card, so I know which name to look for?

Both… this is the first BL game in which I check every vending machine every time I’m near one. These are the main place I get them though. I don’t have them anymore, but I’ll be shopping for a good one to try out again.

Also, it seems that double (and triple) singularity qualifiers just increase the time during which bits are suspended (as opposed to the radius from which it may grab things)?

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I can’t say I’ve ever seen a Force Singularity. And I look in every ammo vendor I can ever since I started playing Moze.

I’ll grab my collection at some point this weekend and try to make a video. :slight_smile:

Correct. But the thing about added time is…

Watch the last 20 seconds. You’ll see a skag get tossed then sucked back in. This was my baby Black Hole Contact.

I see it… nice (and that’s also where I go to test fresh gear against a quick and simple mob).

Seems like Singularities would go well with Link modifiers too.

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I actually did that because I needed to prove a point about how Vampyr works. I wanted to prove that if you could hit five enemies at once you were guaranteed 100 percent of missing health.

I was right lol

I don’t even have to use Vampyr with that combo… Just face hump em when I chuck the nade! BLAM. Full shields!