So what Grenade is everyone using with Moze?

I run a shock Tina’s Hippity Hopper with the transformer. The self heal helps a lot on top of Vampyr.

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If only the Whispering Ice would drop as anointed…

I use the Nagata for health regen and the cryo Hex for freezing enemies. I have a CM Tracker too, but I don’t actually use it all that much.

I’ve been torn about these… just not used to the different gravity effects than BL2 yet. It’s great (awesome, really) that it pulls them into the air (along with explosive barrels), but it doesn’t seem to yank as far or as hard as the ones from BL2? How are you using these?

I just got one of these. Mine’s rubberized - are they all like that? I mean, it works, but I’ll take almost any other delivery system if that’s an option.

What other parts are on the ones you’re using? Because for some reason, Rain parts REALLY throw enemies up. I like contact ones with really grounded effects on them. A blue Black Hole Contact is a Vladof with two Singularity parts and that’s it. It really just brings things in.

I’m still messing with some. I buy every cool singularity I see in an ammo machine. Want me to do a test run with a bunch and see what I can show?

Is the whispering ice really that good ?


Please do! There’s another thread about grenades in general here, but I’ve only toyed with simple ones (Lobbed, Impact/Sticky/Exploder at minimum).

I wonder what it would do if it also had Force… knock them away but still draw them in? :thinking:

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random find or vending machine? I’ve been looking for something like this for a while, especially to combine with my transfomer, but with no avail. Can I have a look at the card, so I know which name to look for?

Both… this is the first BL game in which I check every vending machine every time I’m near one. These are the main place I get them though. I don’t have them anymore, but I’ll be shopping for a good one to try out again.

Also, it seems that double (and triple) singularity qualifiers just increase the time during which bits are suspended (as opposed to the radius from which it may grab things)?

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I can’t say I’ve ever seen a Force Singularity. And I look in every ammo vendor I can ever since I started playing Moze.

I’ll grab my collection at some point this weekend and try to make a video. :slight_smile:

Correct. But the thing about added time is…

Watch the last 20 seconds. You’ll see a skag get tossed then sucked back in. This was my baby Black Hole Contact.

I see it… nice (and that’s also where I go to test fresh gear against a quick and simple mob).

Seems like Singularities would go well with Link modifiers too.

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I actually did that because I needed to prove a point about how Vampyr works. I wanted to prove that if you could hit five enemies at once you were guaranteed 100 percent of missing health.

I was right lol

I don’t even have to use Vampyr with that combo… Just face hump em when I chuck the nade! BLAM. Full shields!

Right now I have 2 grenades I use, depending on the build.

1 recurring rad Hex that’s annointed to have a 20% change to drop a grenade when damaged and Iron Bear is active. It’s pretty good for perma bear builds which should be working once GBX fixes their mess of a patch.

And a Cloning Ghost Call for all other builds since it procs MoD.

i am still using cryo hex, i use it to freeze enemies.

Habe you noticed the Ib annountment stops working after the first time you get in IB ? I have to unequip and equip it each time for it to work before each time I get in IB. I’m on ps4.

Finding a recurring hex (rad or cryo) with that annointment is my holy grail

Haven’t played long enough to tell and due to the IB cooldown bugs I can’t even test out the 75% additional health after exiting IB annointed shield I have to see for sure.

I’m so set up for perma bear to be a thing…it’s just a few bugs which are literally killing it.

If you’re on PS4 I’d be willing to consider trading it.

(1) Purple Atlas Grenade
-Spawns 3 Mirv
-Can bounce 3 times
-20% Grenade damage(or it could be radius I forgot)

(2) Roided Ghost Call
-20% Grenade damage

I am so bad at throwing grenades in all of the Borderlands games so for 1/2/TPS I usually just used them at point blank range unless I was Krieg then I used a Fastball. But normally I just always overshoot or I miss completely. So when Magic Missles came out I was in 100% pure Heavenly bliss. In BL3 there are Atlas grenades and that is what I gravitated towards with all of my characters. Although, I’m going to be honest and they are some of the most lamest grenades out there. Just so boring to use!

So I opted for a Ghost Call as someone suggested. I’ve been using it this whole week but my Ghost Call is very inconsistent or something. Sometimes it barely does any damage and other times it wrecks a group of 3-4 baddasses in a second all at the same time and it seems the green ghosts that shoot out are on crack! They look like it is a green vortex shooting out all around and they just mob enemies. (btw do these things home in on enemies? Sometimes it seems like they fly to enemies behind cover unless I’m imaginging it). So for Ghost Call I just honestly can’t decide if I want to keep using it or go back to my Purple Atlas.

Some I’ve tried but weren’t ideal:
(a)Epicenter: I LOVE this friggin grenade. The effects. The damage. It is so lovely BUT on my Moze I keep hitting myself and get caught on fire. I’m pretty much a Fire based Moze so that self-grenade fire kills me so fast. If I somehow had a shield that gave me Fire Immunity I’d probably main Epicenter tbh

(b) Whispering Ice: Just never really got into it. The freeze was reliable but too short or maybe I didn’t know how to properly take advantage of it. Either way not for my playstyle of Moze

© Butt Stallion: Thought with the huge blast radius I could murder whole mobs of enemies with this since I have a splash Moze. Very underwhelming grenade though I just love the, “Nehhhh” so much I would so love to use this as a primary grenade but it is just underhwleming.

(d) Hex: Even when it was in it’s most powerful form I actually never really used it. I use the Ice version on Zane to Freeze enemies but on Moze I never really used Hex personally.

(e) Fungus Among Us: Initially loved it when I got it. The visuals are spectacular but just didn’t really fit my style I guess. Underwhelming plus now Ghost Call is 1000 times better

(f) Moxxi Bouncing Pair: Kept killing myself with it

(g) Tiny Tina Hippity: Kept killing myself with it

(h) Chocolate Cake Grenade: Holy cow why is this even a grenade? So stupid

And many more but those are the memorable grenades I remember using off the top of my head right now. I’ve actually gotten a good majority of all the grenades and used them at level 50 here and there but always keep going back to my Purple Atlas. It isn’t that fun to use but it is very consistent for proccing me more things and giving me back health which is what I really need since I suck.


I also use the shock Tiny Tina’s with a Transformer. Run up and hit an enemy with the grenade to kill their shield and go to town with a x2 Ogre with incendiary anointment that you have to be up close to actually hit anything with.

I use the Vindicator Ghast Call too and after farming Kata Ball for a Tsunami…I’m think the crackhead skulls activate when you get a crit with them but I honestly can’t tell.

There’s nothing more sad than when an enemy sidesteps them and my shields start taking a beating haha. Makes me miss my atlas Tracker nades sometimes.

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