So.... What I miss?

My wife and I played pretty hard at launch all the way up until PS4 couldn’t do Cartel event without crashing. After the hiatus we picked up just to finish Krieg DLC to see if some of the things we didn’t like about the game were addressed. For some short examples anointments ruling the loot system, modifiers and rerolling (retrolling) mayhem. To keep it short we felt like there could have been so much more with the story but it just disappointed us. The loot we were getting wasn’t worth going through the cringe/grind to just get power or level creeped. If you had some of the same feelings and are still playing, are we safe to reinstall it and not be disappointed?

Or is it still

Community : We don’t like this thing, try something else.

GB : It’s our game, we know the best direction for it, no.


Nothing changed :sweat_smile:

Or well, they actually managed to make it worse :joy:

They added more anointments and they drop even if you don’t have the new DLC :wink:


Gearbox introduced mayhem 11 which has the same enemy scaling as M10 but with no modifiers so that was a nice change. Unless you play a lower difficulty level and want to get rid of the modifiers, that still isn’t possible. Just M11 for now… anointments are still as terrible as ever. The story? well I’ve played through it dozens of times and it still sucks pretty hard. No serious new additions in that department. I didn’t even like the story in DLC4 and Kreig is one of my favorite characters in the franchise. If I’m being honest I still have a lot of disappointment with this game but I can find ways to play that satisfy me. Usually just make new characters with different build gimmicks. I like the gunplay and combat enough on their own to stick around for the time being. each character has a DLC skill tree and I’ve been playing with those a lot lately.

Judging by your post I don’t think you’ll be impressed with the current state of the game


Tell me, or rather amuse me;

Which game do you play that trumps this experience? Because if there is a better game I want to see it.

Dear Op, as of current I cannot find another title that brings me joy like BL, Ive had no trouble collecting some really nice loadouts, nice anoints and clean synced stats across Artifact, Com, Shield.
The new items from Arms Race and the 4th tree yielded new creations and I feel some of it was a little overpowered.

There isn’t a creeping to power seeing as the moment you cap 65 with a new toon, go to the bank and equips them with m10 godrolls they faceroll through the galaxy; respec and make an abomination of allocation and take some irrelevant gear out - you’ll die.

Switch to your trusty set ups (or setups now hybriding with 4th tree) go out into space and capitalize.

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To put it in few words: I’m back playing BL2


Torchlight 2/3, Diablo 3 and others for me :blush:

When I start BL3 I wander around sanctuary for a few minutes and quit because I don’t know what’s left for me to do :pensive:

There’s raid bosses in BL2 I haven’t even finished hahaha (only thing I haven’t finished in BL3 is GTT because I can’t get past the crystal crap)


Yeah Diablo and torchlight and the 3rd part of that story is BL3…

Ive said it before - I own Handsome Collection, thats really sad IMO to go all the way back to the era, BL2 which has 3 items at endgame… If I hear the word Grog Nozzle or Bee shield again I might shoot myself… theres no comparison to 3 and even with the other 2 beautiful games D3,TL - they are dated, Ive played them and the newest most sexy of these similar types of game formulas (looting,slaying) and the way it all pops, splats, sparkles and sheild breaks - is Borderlands 3, dominates the world, there’s nothing like it. Its one of a kind

Purity in Absurdity
Its like this ^ pillar has been forgotten, which is the basis for all things in Borderlands.

So yeah, go back to Rubi, Grog & Bee. Thats lame yo, lame drop rates, loong walks use to be cool because it was new and never seen before on that scale… F 8 years later we got a new scale.

Its got bugs, yeah, because its advanced. I wanna see the code for what happens when we open the Echo. I wanna know how much f shiv is actually going on under the hood. I reckon its massive and some fool the other day was asking “why can’t the dev that did Mario Kart split screen do BL3 spilt screen”… How naïve is that? Majority players wouldn’t even understand the code that allows us to even open an echo.

Drive me nuts that the build of this title is assumed to be just a few accessible lines.

Its got layers. Its a good game, maybe a bit ambitious but at least it came into existence, we respect ambition.


BL3 isn’t a bad game :wink:

it just fals short for some reason :smiley:

they had to start from scratch because of the new engine but it still feels like they actualy started from scratch hahaha


AC Valhalla, league of legends, black ops cold war, grim dawn, diablo 3 to name a few.

Demon’s souls if you have a ps5.

Infact, if you haven’t tried AC valhalla, it’s the best AC since 2 and black flag and odyssey. It feels like the witcher 3 with parkour and better combat. Loot isn’t RNG, as it’s found in specific locations, but every time you upgrade your gear it changes appearance. It’s freakin SICK.
Plus the skill trees? Blows BL3 outta the water for me.


Hmm… my top tier games atm are AC, Mortal Kombat 11, Borderlands

AC isn’t BL… Cannot compare/outclass Borderlands 3 because AC is another gener (hybrid of genres) How can I word this…

I like a few genres and like the keep 1 game per genre, a title that covers the best possible experience for orientations like melee, driving, exploration, arcade, survival, building and universe/world types from SciFi to Medieval… So on and so forth.

Wait what? League of Legends? Nah man sorry I’m outta here. Can’t discus the game with League players

Best of luck to y’all in your happiness. Kisses x

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oh league is for sure the worst thing to ever happen to me but sometimes, y’know, you need that fix lmao

But ac! That’s a very fun single player RPG, which is how I play bl3, single player. Atleast you’re having fun with it!

Personally I’d rather play that instead of bl3 tho

This. Dude Sanctuary is a fix. I manually drive the ship to a charted area of space that is Kriegs mind… In a universe where science has developed to a point where it is indistinguishable from fantasy.

In a universe where some idiot that will murder you, walks up to you casually, sways side to side like there is some mystical tune playing that you can’t hear and says he’d like to wear your face on his face…

There is only one place where a smurf Pandoran jumps out from behind a rock only to get bust open by a mantis cannon and the only words, the most beautiful words that we hear in that moment are;


In the words of Highlander;

There can only be one
Place to get this fix


Pretty simply put every game I own in my xbox collection is better than BL3 because NONE of them crash my console. However I’m sure GBX is working on a fix for it…still…a year after release.


I keep going back to Titanfall 2, it just runs so damn smooth and the story is great. I really think it’s spoiled my experience for other games with how fluid it runs, smooth the animations are, the controls are spot on, and the UI is designed very nice for any play mode.


Lemme google what’s inside that title and I’ll get back to you. There will be a reason it is so polished.

2 year dev cycle, poor sales despite flavoured review… Also its a bit Arcady, not exactly a open world galaxy at end game… Pree sure I didn’t buy it because I couldn’t live in it. So to speak. Borderlands is kinda somewhere I live, because it has a certain level of “life” to it… Much like Fallout’s Boston or Odyssey’s Greece

Yeah definitely a different genre but very well put together, had crappy sales due to being released between BF1 and a COD game. Definitely under rated but yeah very smooth. But yeah Id still go back to BL2 or even TPS before putting BL3 back in my sytstem, it has just been a huge let down since launch for me.


Well my decision to purchase BL3 on the Xbox was made by a few factors

  1. BL1 worked just fine without crashing consistently and the split screen worked as it should
  2. Bl2 worked just fine without crashing consistently and the split screen worked as it should
  3. BLTPS worked just fine without crashing consistently and the split screen worked as it should.

I know silly me for foolishly assuming that after three games the new one would work as well.


What did Op miss… Ok you missed some addons. The feel here is no one wants to play but they would play if it was different but as current its more like y’all aren’t GBX fans anymore… Gbx can’t produce for you. Its all nit picking meanwhile some people, that have played games since birth of games and compare this game to the history of games when assessing whether it is good and what it brings to the table - can’t put BL3 down

I realllly like my games and am a fanatic fan of the history of game formulas and their layouts. If I found something better I’d be there but haven’t, and even when Cyberpunk lands, Cyber is full RPG, BL is shloot with a hell of a lot more x factor and cheek than Destiny, which, had the shyttest premise ever. Didn’t know what it was.

Just picked up the Bioshock franchise (off the recent Steam sale). I am on Bioshock 2 Remastered ATM and having a great time. Someday I will return to BL3 and try a new toon from scratch. But with the weak (and ofttimes frustrating) storyline, I just can’t get into it anymore. DLC3 bored me to tears to where I could not finish it. DLC 4 I have not bothered with (yet) as I hate the whole go-into-someone’s-mind premise. The poor reviews don’t help either. DLC5 is not my favorite gaming style, so I did not bother picking it up. I am waiting to see what DLC6 entails.

From what I can tell, for now there is no real endgame for BL3. At least nothing that piques my interest. And replaying the main storyline is more a chore than a joy (not like in BL2 where the narrative was solid and part of the endgame experience). So I plan to wait a bit longer to see if this “Director’s Cut” makes any real adjustments to the main game (and some DLC’s) in terms of narrative before I sink any more time in.


Bioshock series is a pure classic of the old first person era. Love those games.