So what IS it that makes Pendles not as viable?

Pendles seems to not perform as well as the other assassins (cough cough Deande) when it comes to the meta. And I’m kinda curious as to why.

It seems to be his lack of CC. I don’t want more CC in this game, but Pendles has pretty much none outside injection – at least, compared to other characters. I think, instead of adding more CC, we should intensify his current abilities. Injection slow one second longer. Necrosis could be altered… keep the wound cloud, but also have enemies killed by Pendles shoot out wound-clouds that home in on their live allies (I’m not really being serious with this change, just messin’… sort of).

.5 seconds added to smoke bomb flash, or .75.

Pendles gets 50% cc reduction, or at least 33%.

I dunno. I’m being half “for realsies” and half “not for realsies” here.

Squishy, large target, big crit spot, gimmicky, slow, Deande, weak chasing power, weak secondary, and reveals. Those are all the things I can think of off the top of my head that make him weak.

Squishy, weak chasing power, weak secondary, reveals, Deande, yes. Big crit spot, debatable, gimmicky, kind of, large target, no.

His crit spot is like the center of his model. Maybe not necessarily large, but easy to hit. Same applies to the whole large target thing. Gimmicky because his play style revolves around almost exclusively being a pure assassin which is already a very niche role and it’s something he’s outclassed in.

Imo they should bring back his 6 sec slow and a health boost. Should make him more relevant.

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He makes the game a 4v5 in terms of taking damage. He’s also very easily counterable and is just taken out of the game with a reveal.


Meh. Its like, upper middle, if there were three sections of his model.

Maybe not necessarily large, but easy to hit. Same applies to the whole large target thing.

He is slow while uncloaked, that’s true.

Gimmicky because his play style revolves around almost exclusively being a pure assassin which is already a very niche role and it’s something he’s outclassed in.

Shouldn’t assassin’s have one form of heavy cc, though? He tries to be a pure assassin but plays more like a sneaky harasser and builder. And killer, if you go a certain route. The slow is heavy, but too short.

I think 3 seconds by default and 2 from the helix would be enough for his injection. Then, they should add either more damage or a smallish health boost, like 20%.

Yeah he’s not beefy enough with enough self-sustain to absorb damage. Honestly, the amount of reveal infuriates me since it works on Pendles the same as anyone else. He should have a helix – or maybe just embed this in his kit – that helps to counter reveal. Damage immunity for a second after reveal, immunity to reveal for a short period after using smoke bomb, reveal only takes him from passive-induced stealth for 5-6 seconds before he re enters it. Something, anything.


We all got tired of his ■■■■ when he was released because nobody paid him any attention when he was first released, so Pendles players got free reign to do nearly whatever he wanted. Now people do not even play around with him, if he is seen on the other team, all reveal is meant for him and nobody lets him do whatever he wants. As soon as he is spotted or seen, he is hunted down. And the fact that he cannot really show himself in lane means it’s a 4v5 unless the Pendles is very good and patient (aka not 95 % of the player base that thinks it’s a good idea to play him)


Sort of. The way he’s hunched over kinda centers it.

I feel like this is something that has to be different in Pendles since the whole perma-stealth thing would allow him to abuse any hard CC he could have.

I guess it depends on what you consider center.

tru dat.

Pendles should always throw 3 shurikens and the helix that makes him throw 3 should make him throw 6. Boom, 1 problem solved, 100 more to go.


Why all the pendles hate, he synergies very well with characters. All this kinda reminds me when people use to say rath was useless till lv 5 so he can catsmash>> crossblade>>dreadwind, Now he is 1st or 2nd picked on a draft. Drafting, you can easily pick pendles last or close to last to force the other team to pick a reveal char instead of something else they would have rather chose. Pendles is an extremely safe follow up initiation, his blind is top notch, his quick melee is really good too and mostly all reveals besides orendi’s can be destroyed. #reyna best support :grin:


He’s too squishy with too little cc or damage to make up for it. And reveal makes a major part of his kit entirely useless.

Rath should not be a 1st or 2nd pick because he isn’t as effective as you seem to think he is. Besides, I’ve never seen Rath picked first/second but once. But that’s another discussion.

Characters with reveal - Ambra, Orendi, Foxtrot, Caldarius’s flashbangs to some extent (they put obvious effects on Pendles’ frame, without actually revealing him), Reyna, Marquis, others… those aren’t bad, and are pretty meta characters. There’s enough playstyles with reveal to fit nearly anyone.

Also, be real - once a reveal has happened, it doesn’t matter whether or not it’s “destroyed.”

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For a short time a couple of months ago, they secretly doubled his slow times and also made flurry of blows take effect after only a hit or two. It seemed that not many people were playing Pendles at the time, so few people caught on. During that time, though, Pendles absolutely wrecked.

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  1. Health + mobility gear, 2. blinds and 3. injectors

Well, you are never gonna literally have all characters on the same team & I’m talking about drafting w/ bans here as well because a cancer team will always be cancer if you are able to pick whoever you want.

You must be playing with very oblivious pendles players if they die automatically after getting revealed. This reminds me when many people use to complain about deande’s holotwin was only meant to be used as an escape. He actually does synergize well with caldy for the double blind if you were ever down that route.

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Most of the hate isn’t about Pendles in general, it’s how people play him. I’ve had Pendles players proudly claim to have been carrying in losing matches going something like 11/2/2 with 30-40k damage in a long match. I’ve been in 1v1 fights where our Pendle’s spectated safely cloaked the entire time until the enemy got just low enough in health for him to jump in grab the kill with injection. In the days before the minion boost, Pendles would often starve his team of xp by wave killing uplane. I’ve seen Pendles end games with most shards and fewest buildables. I could go on, but the point is most people who play Pendles are k/d watchers who care more about looking good than actually helping their team.


Lol, I remember that. You are completely right about that and that happen to me many times too. But that’s also my whole point… I don’t think there is an absolute way to play him because everyone remembers pendles as just an annoying nuisance to the team. If we give him a chance, we may find a really good fit for him.


I left it out because it didn’t help with my point, but I’ll acknowledge that Pendles can be an absolutely savage kill confirmer and harasser if the player keeps at the opposing team. If you time your assaults well enough to coordinate with your teams pushes or big fights that rear attack is often enough to break momentum and send enemies into retreat. I just rarely see a Pendles who can act as a team player, his kit gives too many people the idea he’s this greatly effective lone hunter whose best use is jumping a single target and then smoking out the second things get rough.

When max health gear is required to be viably un-squishy… also, one blind and one slow isn’t enough…

Didn’t say that they’d be on the same team. They are good on any team, as in - they are good by themselves and only one is needed.

You realize teams focus Pendles as soon as he’s revealed? if he used smoke bomb before that, he’s screwed. Even with an aerial injection dash…

Guess stuff like this will happen if a pendles is diving but I agree with @HobbitWarrior, I see him as an attacker like that, or quickly back harassing to break up formations so your group can advance. I always thought of him as a good follow up… not really as an initiator because that would get him wrecked by the entire group just focusing on him like you said


Personally I think it’s pendles job to be annoying as well as to try and kill weakened battleborn, he isn’t a carry character but he can be really useful in some areas