So what is the moze shield record so far?

I got like…31k, almost 32 using Hot Drop Deathless, Generator Rectifer, and the classmod Honor Guard Enhanced Bloodletter

What without stacks of Phalanx? I run at 52k unbuffed now.

dang, what are you using?

  • the usual Moze crap.

ah,I am personally going to go with a transformer as my actual shield

god damn that is a lot

I am also going to see if I can get a friend to run the big bada boom shield to help keep me tanky

I got a annointed turtle sheild that boosts shield by 75 percent when leaving iron bear. If I have a couple stacks of the sheild skill I can get over 100k its fantastic

Lazy! hey buddy!

hmm I always wondered whats the point of having more than 15k shield in this game if there is no penalty for dying, also dying is very hard with this system of getting back up after you get killed, and with the 5 sec immunity shield nothing can kill you unless you are playing drunk on mayhem 3 with -150% dmg reduction, even so cash is worthless…

mostly for slaughter shaft at this point. On my moze I run 1 point of health so the immunity shield doesn’t work, my normal shield without buffs is around 40k i think which gives plenty of tanking. Her only self heal is vampire so I just use bloodletter to heal shields. on my other characters i usually run the stop gap or recharger with normal shield values because they have a lot of self heal.

I have hit over 68k. Could possibly hit over 80k If I Switch shield and class mod with added life

That is an absurd shield :open_mouth: