So what’s the verdict?

Should be able to take a look at things in an hour or two. How is the IB scaling? Boost to gun base damage?

Dahl pistol buff is pretty good

Why do they even still have that model In the game :rofl:


Iron Bear still feels not so great damage wise on Mh10. Iron Bear has a stupid ridiculous amount of health now though - my current build has 847k Iron Bear hp with one max hp bonus on artifact and 5/5 stainless. Short Fuse feels super OP. Just going by feel from leveling up in SS not pausing to check numbers.

I’m very freaking upset it just super increased HP nothing else. MOZE ■■■■■■ AS USUAL


It’s pretty awesome. On M10 IB can now face a regular badass and take down maybe 4% of the shield before IB is vaporized.

Then after you exit IB shoot the badass a few times with your OPQ and he’s dead.

In short, still utterly totally useless, transferring my weapons back to Amara for the DLC.


Just did a test between Mayhem off and Mayhem 10, Iron Bear damage is not scaling whatsoever with Mayhem. Nice that I easily got over 1m hp with IB but we need some damage or it’s still not worth using.


Thanks for nothing GBX then… I was hoping to get back in the game with Moze asap :frowning:

Should probably flag that with a screenshot for @VaultHunter101.

I’m curious about how the action skill damage roll is going to work with IB (maybe it can bridge the gap?). Haven’t had that drop on a COM for me yet.

I tagged Noelle in the news post to let her know.

It dont

Iron Meme

Looks like Pris was right on the money.

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gbx, please hire Prismatic so he can fix the game

Buffs by GBX
-Dicated, but not read

Uh hey… the annointment for constant novas while action skill active… yea that super and I mean got SUPER increased lol. Without action skill damage increase on mod or even aoe artifact or fire damage artifact I’m doing 2-7mil novas

theres another one!:


I closed and re-launched my game and got another download. Now Iron Bear’s damage is scaling. Doing millions on mh10 vs skags now instead of the 50kish before.


Just noticed this got like, insta-fixed, thank you gearbox! And thank you Maurice!


Sooo glad I held on to some badass weapons with this anoint

So are we good? Is the pilot build back in business?