So what’s up with Fl4k?

So there’s this bug that’s been going on ever since the latest patch came out. I just finished building my “leave no trace” build spending quite a lot of time farming the items, especially after the loot nerf, but now it seems I’m only getting one bullet every two seconds. Pretty sure this has to be a bug. I mean one bullet every two seconds seems so ridiculous that it’s like why is the ability even in the game. Absolutely bugged. Broken in fact. Please fix

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this either is a terrible troll or you can’t read patch notes


Read the patch notes.

It’s quite obvious what OP is doing.
And honestly I’m not even mad, this was a terrible attempt in balancing fl4k.
Like, objectively terrible…


Rakk Attack! is great for constant damage output, especially when paired with Anointed gear. The base skill still seems to be lacking, so Rakk Attack! now has a guaranteed status effect on any enemy that it damages. Leave No Trace was returning much more ammo than intended, and we have added a re-trigger delay to keep its ammo return within expectation. Barbaric Yawp has an increased bonus, as we didn’t feel that the amount of investment had an equal payoff. In addition, we felt that FL4K’s pets were demanding too much attention, which was interfering with players trying to stand still for any length of time, so we disabled the ability for them to move you around.

  • Rakk Attack! status effect chance as been increased to >100%
  • Leave No Trace now has a re-trigger delay of 2 seconds
  • Barbaric Yawp stat bonus increased by 100%
  • Pets no longer push around player characters
  • “Touch Pet” prompt is now a lower priority and should >no longer interfere with looting or vending machines

Might help you to read the patch notes first as indicated before.