So what's changed with todays hotfix?

The battleplan didn’t go into specifics and since the hotfix is live: what changes in campaign maps have people noticed so far? I can’t get on until very late tonight. Pumped that I can finally start unlocking deande and ghalt!

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It did go into specifics. You should go read it.

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Story mode matchmaking can now be played on Advanced

Really because I recall that balance adjustments were made to campaign missions but what exact changes aren’t mentioned.

I think you misunderstood my question.

You misread it. It was performance changes. That means there was probably a memory leak or something that they fixed.

They nerfed at least one piece of legendary gear:
Alamo 7 Armor use to have damage immunity for 5 seconds every 60 and now it’s 2 seconds every 120.

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Ouch. Really, ouch. 2 seconds every 60 sounded fine, but 120 is pretty darn heavy.

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It’s effect really didn’t fit to the game to begin with. The idea of Gear was to be something a little Extra, not to be a game changer, like some Legendary Gear can currently be.

They did? That was one fast fix to a broken item.
Two seconds every 120 seconds though sounds a bit too much. They should just slap on a 50% damage reduction on it for 5 seconds every 60 seconds.