So,whats going on with everything about Battleborn

So guys,I would like you to catch me up with everything that is going on with Battleborn game becouse I really like game and I want to know as much as possible so if you have time and will informe me as best as you can :grin:

There is LOTS to learn about Battleborn if you haven’t been keeping up.
You should try exploring the Battleborn category to learn all sorts of things you may not know.
(I am also going to move your thread there since that is the topic anyway)

What sort of questions do you have? Ask away, someone may have the answer.


Hear hear!

Well, as @Kitty_Jo said it before - just take a look arround and I´m sure theres a topic to any question you might have in mind :slight_smile:

Any certain questions in mind? (story, chars, gameplay, ect…)

Thank you for your assistance,I just have few basic questions like when do we get basic stats(HP,shield,dmg,etc.) and what to expect from future development(Will there be matchmaking system,or some kind of ranked and how can I help as community member)

My assumption is that we get infos on basic stats after launch (or in Beta, Tech-Test, screenshots + videos), but I already spotted some people discussing the math and some stats here.

There will be ranking-systems (like the Badass-Token and Badassranks in BL) and different things you can unlock by playing (skins, taunts, skills) but I´m sure we´ll see alot more until and after release.

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Thats great to hear
But will the game be focused around ranking system and be pushed in eSports or will the game stay “normal” for the sake of fun(Please :grin: ) and if so will there be pushed microtransactions?

Thats about to be seen after release - in my experience such things evolve with the gamers and community after the release. Often games are ment to be fun for casuals and become like League of Legends fastly.

I hope it will be both - fun for casuals like me and fun/challenge for PvP-nerds and eSports :heart:

I think, as I know Gearbox/2K so far that microtransaction will happen, but that those will be for skins, costumes and visual stuff. So I´m petty sure nothing you can buy as microtransaction will be gamechanging or giving you a advance in gameplay. Could not imagine that.

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You are right!
And as long as microtransactions dont affect gameplay balance im more than happy to have them in game :grinning:

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