So what's next?

Anybody remember if there’s any events or similar coming in July/August/ September?

I think we’ve hit the end of the latest content roadmap, but can’t quite recall. If not, no biggie. Still working a few characters to max level.

We’ve hit the end of the most recent roadmap, the only thing we know is coming for certain is DLC 4.


Thanks, thought that was the case. Back to level 42 Amara then.:grin:

Next up:

A new limited time event.

Followed immediately by another level increase of 3.

See: the history of the game thus far. :confused:

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Here’s the Spring 2020 roadmap for reference:

That was posted in February before things got out of hand in the world. I would love to see a roadmap for what’s coming next, but I get it if they don’t want to commit to dates like they did in the last roadmap.

Those sound just fine to me.

That is just speculation based on the way things have ran so far, however.

Gearbox hasn’t officially confirmed anything and the comments on DLC4 are based on the fact they teased an image before Bounty of Blood released, and that the season pass is for 4 campaigns.

Additionally, they’ve had issues getting the voice actors to dub all of DLC3, only English and German dubs available, so I’d honestly doubt any new, unannounced content.

DLC4 announced here.