So what's the deal, Gearbox?

It’s cool that you’ve got a bug thread up, but you have not told any members of your fanbase (to my knowledge, at least), what your plan is for fixing this game? How are you prioritizing user feedback? What bugs are you fixing right now, and what are the most important features you are working on implementing right now?

We’re just trying to help you people out here.

Hey there, @invertedvantage-

Thanks for your concern here. We know everyone is anxiously awaiting news of what’s on the horizon. At the moment, there’s nothing new I can report, except to say that we’re poring over the community’s feedback as it relates to not only the recent patch, but also issues that have not yet been addressed. The team is working hard to address as much of that feedback as possible, in as timely a manner as possible.

I can assure you that the moment we’re able to share specifics, we will. As these things do take time, we appreciate everyone’s patience and ask that you all keep the feedback coming.


Thanks for responding to me directly. Homeworld is a classic and it has shaped my entire life. Treat it with the respect it deserves and the community will help you make it right. To me, that also means don’t even think about making money off any sequels until you can prove you understand what made the original(s) so great.

I think you should implement a lobby IRC btw. It would be great if I could access it away from the game, as well. It would go a long way to keeping the online community alive while you’re catching up with this release.

Also, Shift login issues are keeping me and others from logging into the multiplayer.

I know everyone keeps saying “unbalanced”, and truth is, I agree, but I like to look at it like a tactical challenge. For instance, Taiidan vs. Hiigaran, I managed to beat a normal AI using field frigates, something I never used previously, so that was really cool.

That being said, stuff like resources costing money for HW1 races is a no-no. Don’t forget that Homeworld 2 went through a lot of development delays and a couple restarts, so it wasn’t as well formed as the original was. If you have to choose between a HW1 or a HW2 mechanic, I would challenge you to not choose the HW2 mechanic unless you could explain it in a blog post.

Thanks a lot guys, keep it up. At least I got to see Homeworld again. :slight_smile:


I think you meant research not resources costing money?

A dev said that was due to an engine limitation, not a design decision. The research bar requires a resource value to ‘move’ and is hard coded into the engine.

If it helps think of the resources as being used to create the prototypes?

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Yea I did mean research. But why not just make all the research cost 1 RU? Why did they make the design decision to make super capital research cost 1300 RUs? Why not make them all a flat rate of 50 RUs per item?

It’s just, it changes the game, and it feels like a lot of these changes were done without much thought to what gameplay functions were being messed with. Homeworld 2 is incredibly different from Homeworld 1 - the former focuses more on combined fleet movements (it was meant to be “bigger”), whereas the latter is more about 3D real time strategy. Most of Homeworld 2’s combat happens on a flat plane with lots and lots of frigates, corvettes, fighters, gunships, etc, flying around. Homeworld 1 is more about vertical movement where individual ships have more relative power to one another.

I suppose my issues also stem from how I didn’t really enjoy Homeworld 2 when it came out. It was ok but I didn’t get into it as much as Homeworld 1; they changed a lot of stuff to make it more like a standard RTS, and that bugged me. When I saw the previews it looked like they were just dropping Homeworld 1 ships into the Homeworld 2 engine, and that’s what happened in the end. I understand there’s technical limits but, I mean…are you (Gearbox) here to do it right or what? Excuses don’t make better games, dedication and smart decision making does. If there’s a technical limit to the engine, justify your solution to that limit. A lot of stuff done to Homeworld 1: Remastered feels arbitrary or lacking in appreciation of the finer details.


Since they had the original developers helping with the remaster I guess your question should be if the original developers did it right or something.

Did what right?

I don’t think Homeworld 2 was done right. It was a big departure from the “3D” part of the RTS, IMO. Yes you could still move in 3D but it was not as critical. Case in point: capital ship behaviors. Conceptually, the broadside idea is neat, but it shows how the original developers gave weight to what “looked cool” instead of what made sense.

In the original Homeworld, positioning your ships vs. the enemy was critical. For instance, destroyers of both species had most of their firepower on the top and front, so they had no cover below, directly above, or behind. In an engagement, it’s crucial to position your ships so they could bring the most fire to bare on the enemy for the longest amount of time. This was why move-fire was so critical. You could order ships to engage, then tell them to translate out of the enemy’s firing arcs, giving you precious seconds. Broadside behavior basically strips the commander of a lot of precision maneuvering, because the ships do something that’s really unnecessary, and it’s just emblematic of how much of the fine control of HW1 was taken away in HW2.

In Homeworld 2, with stuff like the broadside and a heavy reliance on turrets and missiles, as well as the mostly flat gamespace, this sort of micromanagement is really lost, and to me it becomes more about selecting the appropriate ship to fire on the appropriate enemy.

With Homeworld: Remastered, we have somewhere in between, which could be interesting but the devs really gotta figure out what it is they’re doing before it’s made into a good product.


There are no “hard limits” due to API/engine/whatever as the devs have the code. Infact, this should be fairly easy to fix with the code.


I don’t know if it would be “easy” but it definitely feels lazy and/or they didn’t understand what they were doing when they ported the game over. One of the key aspects to Homeworld 1 was non-linear production and research. Every ship could be built at the same time, every technology could be researched at the same time.

You weren’t tied to strict linear time management, so it allowed you to build exponential strategies. The meager 2 units building at once/1 research subject at a time really wonks up the way the game plays. It’s not bad per se’ but maybe it should be called Homeworld: By Gearbox Games and not Homeworld: Remastered - because right now it’s more like Star Wars: Anniversary Edition than Star Wars: The Oriignal.


From what I could gather the devs are aware that they certainly could have rewritten some subsystems in the engine to make everything work perfectly the first go, but it was a very small team working on it and the total restructure would have broken a lot of things and possibly pushed us out to a NEXT November release or something.

Rewrites on something this involved aren’t to be taken lightly.

I really don’t get what would be so hard about confirming that properly reprogramming flight behavior and tactics & formations is the priority and will be added soon. :confused:
Does GBX need more programmers and is hiring, or something?

This isn’t true. HW1 research was actually more treed than HW2s.

Covettes required two fighter researches.
Caps required 2 frigate researches.

And some other techs required 2-3 researches before you could get them. The HW1 tech tree is the same, except that it requires resources…


There was a dev reply that they are aware of the formation issue and are looking at it.

All I’ve seen is “we can’t confirm what we’re going on or not”.

Found this HW1C vs HW1R Formation Video

But it’s not reassuring.
Like, if I had the source, I could definitively say “It’ll be added and 90% similar to HW1 behavior in a few weeks”. Not that they realize it’s a complaint and they’re looking into it.

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If I had to hazard a guess then I’d have to say that it’s a case of they can’t make promises they don’t know if they can keep. Pretty logical to me but it’s just a guess. For some that’s unacceptable.

Yup. That’s an accurate description. Gearbox only tend to announce what they are sure of.

Because the second a dev of any game mentions work on a feature we always take it as some sort of vague promise that it WILL happen and sometimes situations change resulting in it having to be pushed back or to not happen at all for some business or legal or corporate-political reason and then from that point on all the devs are considered literally Satan for not giving it to us.

So any dev anywhere that’s smart won’t tell you ANYTHING until it’s practically finished already. Even if it’s currently in progress the project could be dropped or take longer than expected.

This is true of any software dev really but gamer communities start throwing poo when given a tentative plan that doesn’t work out in the end so the devs in other industries can afford to be a bit more transparent in their intentions :stuck_out_tongue:


No, innociv, you don’t get really get what I mean…ok, Corvettes required two fighter researches - but I could research corvettes and fighters at the same time. It wasn’t a one after the other thing. It’s nonlinear. Currently, you can only research one tech at a time, so you have to choose between fighters or corvettes, you can’t research both simultaneously.

I’m pretty certain you had to have fighter chassis and drive research before you could start corvette drive research. But I can’t actually find a tech tree online.

Do you mean that after you had fighter drive and research done, you could say research both corvettes and defender tech?

I do believe so, yes.

Yes, that’s the way it worked in the original. Some things did have tiers, like having to research Corvette drive before researching the rest of the corvette tree, but you could research both corvette drive and fighter drive at the same time.

Something I sorely miss…even when they did it in Homeworld 2 originally I was like “wut”.