So... whats up with her second Loot Pack Taunt?

It is the last Item I miss for the LLC and while its easy to clear the Thrall Rebellion with Either Kleese or Marquis its simple to get Commander LLC Packs.

Everyone else got 2, for her I got only one “Spin to Win”.

It’s cool and all, but I want to know if anyone got the second Taunt out of the Packs.

I seem to have real bad Luck with her Taunt :sweat:

Her second taunt is only for DDE owners.

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What… really?

Well if thats true I wonder why there neither is an upgrade from Standard to delexue Edition nor the possibility to get it for plat…

Punishing People for having a Physical Version of the Game is really uncalled for.


@hanautaBOB What wait… there is another phoebe taunt? A second spin to win taunt???

Her second lootpack taunt is only available from the Digital Deluxe Edition. Sadly not another spin to win

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Ooh ok. Cool, didn’t know that was a digital delux taunt. I have it, I’ll use it more often to feel special :slight_smile:

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I envy you lol. My brother bought this game and then immediately stopped playing it for unrelated reasons. So he has all the taunts, the golden pedestal, and an executive insurance policy from the legendary packs he said was trash (?) while I would complain if Ihad to have paid for the game. Did pay for the season pass though

Oh man… any other DDE Taunts I should know about?

I surely won’r buy it for the current price (85€)… if they say it stays exclusive fir DDE I can only wait till the price drops down to like 10 €, which will probably never.

If you look at the Pricing, it should cost only 5 € (or 700 Plat) to upgrade from standard to DDE, cause if you already have the Seasons Pass and the game, thats it.

They could simply add a DDE upgrade for those who have the Physical Version and want that stuff without buying it twice.

Just checked the pricing and BB Standard Download costs 70 € (you could have that cent too, really) and 20 € for the Seasons pass means people who downloaded the main game and decided afterwards to get the Seasons Pass already paid more money for less content…

Hopefully they add a Delexue Upggrade for some Plat eventually, its not that I want the content just for free, but I certainly don’t want to pay the full price game again for a few Taunts, Skins and Loot Packs.

The Most appealing part of the Upgrade might be the Taunts, so maybe just put them out for plat like the Day One Gold Skins…

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