So what's up with Loot Tinks?

Every single topic I am seeing is regarding the nerfs. But I would like to know if we can please get a loot tink spawn rate buff. Or atleast a dedicated map that has a, maybe 50 percent chance to spawn 1 or something. After the Jacob Estate fix, I have not run into a single loot tink. And I have been looking, everywhere. I thought maybe the tink hideout/arena at Carnivore would be the best place to get one since all enemies spawned in that location are tinks but nada.
Has anyone noticed a good place, online, that has a high probability of spawning a loot tink?

I think they removed them

I have seen a couple since that Hotfix you are talking about but I couldn’t exactly say where from the top of my head. One definitely popped out of a washing machine, it could have been during the side mission available at Atlas HQ but I am not certain. Another was definitely on the walkway section when fighting to get to Lilith before boarding Sanctuary for the first time.

Was it a loot tink with backpack? Or just loot thief?

My one in the washing machine I cannot remember but the one near Sanctuary was 100% with a backpack because I remember getting my Legendary Alchemist from it just either yesterday or the day before.

Ok then 2 have a chsance to spawn in sunsmashers camp. Seen them doing shock skagg spine quest for marcus.

Nerfs are usually MASSIVE … so far. I think the guy who does them overcompensates or he must get a bonus on how much he changes things or something.

I only see them in normal mode, they seem to be missing in TVHM…

I notice I still see early game loot tinks, like in the mouthpiece area. Besides that, none.

It’s such a shame when Diablo has a loot goblin in nearly every standard rift.

When they advertised them, they made it seem like it was going to be like Diablo. They’ve made them nearly as rare as Jimmy Jenkins.

Maybe they were removed from tvhm.

No my at least 2 that I have seen recently were both on my fresh TVHM playthrough so they are in the game still.

It does kinda suck that in order to experience the crazy combat while trying to chase down a loot tink you have to go offline. I remember watching early K6 and Joltz vids before the game came out and they seemed to get one to spawn almost every map.
I definitely saw a few when the game first came out but since hitting level 50 and entering M3, I haven’t seen one. I was really hoping there would be a way to farm them, kinda like doctors orders from BL2.
All these nerfs and topics about them, and I’m over here worrying about loot tinks. Lol. Maybe they should look at the spawn rates for them. It’s an awesome aspect of combat that rewards players for doing a certain challenge in the midst of rocket launchers and annoited attacks.

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Anarchy exploitation reserve runs bring back warm fuzzy happy fealings with a little pimone and tumba on the side :).
Don’t see that from this game tho.

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I’ve seen one Loot Tink in about 35 hours of gameplay.

Just seen another one in the Anvil Prison area, where there are stairs going up and you are supposed to be collecting some ‘pizza toppings’.

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i occasionally run into loot tinks, chubby’s though - yeah not since day 1.

on release day i had a chubby spawn in the oil pit to the right hand side from liliths camp. more than once…

on day 1 i also had 2 loot tinks at once during the quest step were you enter cave to grab… something after you run over skags and varkids to fill up ellies truck with bio fuel, right before leaving pandora.

I occasionally run into loot tinks, loot psychos, those amber-whatsit robots, those fat rakks that are full of money… But only one chubby skag so far. And maybe that was in a dream. I’m not sure anymore…

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the whatnow?!?!

There are robots with amber emergency lights that throw their hands up and float around in a panic. Their name has “amber” in it. They’re hard to pin down and they seem to drop more loot than other enemies, but not nearly as much as a loot tink.

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