So when are we getting 30+ loadouts?

Today I decided to play Marquis and realised I had deleted Marquis’ loadout to make room for Kid Ultra. So I deleted Kid Ultra’s loadout, but made sure to remember what I had in there (literally wrote it down on a piece of paper). Now the next time I have a hankering to play for Kid Ultra I will need to go to my command menu, delete Marquis’s loadout (again, making sure to remember what was there), find the piece of paper, find the gear in my inventory and rename the loadout, all before the game even begins ie. before I even know what my teammates will choose.

Naturally I’d prefer to not suffer through this so… moar loadouts please. I don’t care if the extra resources means I only enter the character select screen with 10 seconds remaining (I believe this is the technical reason loadouts are limited… more loadouts=longer to load character select).

And yes, I have tried to use generic loadouts but… none of the loadouts I really want to use are duplicates for any character so I am just gimping myself taking that route.


I know your struggle mate… way too less loadouts for my needs… but I seriously don’t want to scroll trough 30 loadouts to find the one I need…
I’d like to have 2 loadouts per character, you can edit 2 loadouts for every hero, if you choose him only two choices pop up


Yeah if there’s an even better option then just straight 30 loadouts, then I’m all for it. But a simple 30 would be easier to do, I’d imagine.

They fixed the loading issue so there shouldn’t be any technical reason not to give more loadouts. Of course going through 30 loadouts can be a little tedious but you can name them (make life easier for you and maybe do it alphabetically or otherwise sort them for convenience)


Or just don’t sort them and waste all your time searching for the right loadout. ;D Like I do. Luckily my Miko loadout is always on top. And also having like 2 loadouts there that have the wrong name. Really helps.

Haha, yes, “sort them” is easy to say, but oh so hard to actually accomplish… I do have Alanis loadout at the top so at least it starts out correctly!

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eh even if it is a bit cumbersome to find the one you want, you still have what… around 70 seconds? I think?

And for those that don’t need 30, they won’t have 30 anyway since they wouldn’t buy them. The player that only plays 4-5 characters would not be impacted negatively.

Hey don’t get me wrong. I’d love to have like 90 loadouts or whatever. I can search through my 90 unorganized loadouts with ease man.
And not oranizing is a player problem, not a game problem. ;p

It would be best to just have 2/3 per character, like some guy earlier said.


Not having more loadouts is probably the single reason I don’t play some of the characters. I guess that’s a bad thing yes? Yes. Give us those loadoutsssss! Oh, and at least another 100 bank ssssspace too!

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Being able to automatically assign 2 or 3 load outs per character would be great
To save room I try to set mine up so that more than one character can use it.
For instance, I use the same setup for Ambra and Reyna, and have been experimenting with ones that work for Melka and Thorn.
I haven’t mastered all of the characters yet so haven’t done much combining with others but I’m sure they’re there.
Maybe Whiskey Foxtrot and Oscar Mike?

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My fix would be similar to what Black Ops 2 did with their micro-transaction loadout pages. And it would sort of go like this.

  • Character select (lock in)
  • Gear box tab (lock in)
  • Gear box select
  • Skin
  • Taunt

The “Gear box tab” would would be about 5 tabs that would have ~12 gear boxes each. Personally I’d name them after the 5 factions, but you could name them support, tank, assassin, ect… or maybe mains, needs practice, ect…

So to start off in the command menu instead of selecting a gear box to edit, you’d need to select a gear tab and it would load the 12 gear boxes in that tab. One more step and you’d still get basically the same ease of use, and infinitely better control and depth in the loadouts you could create.

So for an example if I select my “Rogue” page I’d have 2 loadouts to use for each character. I could have a PvE loadout and an Incursion loadout for Orendi, and a Meltdown loadout and Face off loadout for Pendles, ect… But say I don’t like Reyna and never intend to use her, that now opens up 2 more loadouts I can split between the other 5.

So one night I was in a queue for “Incursion - Monuments” and I lock in Galilea and my UPR gear tab, but my team hops on the bandwagon and plays all UPR characters to help with Benny’s lore. Except in their excitement they forget Incursion w/out a healer is a horrible idea IMO. So I file back through my taunts and skins and get to my UPR gear tab.


  1. Assassin Galilea
  • Brawler Galilea
  • Capture Galilea
  • I wish Benny could still crit
  • Capture Benedict
  • Support Ernest
  • DPS Ernest
  • Nomad Ghalt
  • PvE Ghalt
  • Oscar Mike
  • PvE OM
  • Capture OM

(I get an extra one for OM and Galilea because I don’t intend to play Montana)

And I pick my “Brawler Galilea” instead of my “Assassin Galilea” because I have no Ambra or Miko to top me off, so I go with the loadout that sacrifices DPS for survivability.

@Jythri It would be awesome to hear your opinion on my proposal, and if it is even viable/how long it would take to implement.

But really what I need right now is bank space, as 279 isn’t cutting it any more. Also one “gear box” I could edit in the character select would be cool… for reasons.

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