So when does Wonderlands get its own topic header?

I’m just asking since we are ~2 months till release and I’m pretty sure BL3 had one by this point (but I could be misremembering)


Is it out yet?

No, I meant 2 months out from release, I’ve edited it so that it’s less confusing.

Do games only get headers/categories once they release?

I’ve been wondering the answer to this question myself. BL3 had a forum section of its own long before release.

I sorta wonder if they are just going to be phasing out the forums at some point soon, since there is not as much activity here as there used to be in general and also activity seems to be higher on Reddit and Discord anyway.

I hope not, I still really enjoy the forums.


I’ve worried about the same thing, but to put this in perspective the forum has four million members. The subreddit has under four hundred thousand. I’m also not entirely sure the forum isn’t busier than the subreddit anyways, given the sub isn’t that active.

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Have been wondering the same thing myself. Figured they’d have a forum section up by now. Unless they’re planning to drop the forums and focus on reddit. Which would be a shame. I try to avoid that dumpster fire of the human mind as much as possible. It’s not a good place.


I’ve been wondering the same thing.
And today here’s one answer, they’re starting a Discord.

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I sincerely hope that’s not it as far as community tools as far as Wonderlands. Discord is great for meet ups and finding players, but is downright awful for discussing the game like we do on a forum. Discussions quickly get lost on Discord once the server exceeds a handful of people. Hopefully we’ll get an actual Wonderlands forum.


Yeah odd that they don’t have one. I’m sure there are reasons but I am not going to go down that rabbit hole at the moment.

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They are following the trends at the moment ie gbx, the whole discord path not very professional really

Something along the lines of listening to streamers.


Seems like it bro

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The reason there is more traffic on reddit and discord is because they aren’t as strictly policed, I’ve spoke to a lot of people from reddit and they enjoy the fact they can be more open.

from all the posts it looks like this is the wonderlands topic

Topic/catagory, whatever you want to call it, I want a


thing on the front page next to BL3, BL2, TPS, The Handsome Collection, all those other Gearbox games to put my theory crafting on.

Trying to fit that here would get messy by the second topic.