So when exactly do we get a report-function?

I guess the picture says enough.

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I wish to know this too, i’ve been against a guy many times now (GOD LIKE) he is called on Steam, he won’t die ever, with no healer on his team or around him he goes away for 2 seconds max and has full health and shield. everytime.

Ditto - report function is needed.

A friend and I recently joined a random group in which a player appeared to have his joystick held down while running his character into a wall in order to avoid being timed out for inactivity. This occurred over halfway through the episode. The rest of us could not advance because we did not have enough players to activate the pads we were suppose to stand on in order to continue. We grew tired if waiting and were left with no choice than to quit, which meant we all just waisted a decent chunk of time and received zero experience and zero rewards.

I understand that kick functions can and often are abused, but clearly, something needs to be implemented to either get these people banned from joining public groups, something to allow the team to replace the offending player, or at the very least, the players forced to quit should still receive the experience and rewards earned up until that point.

Wow that sucks. I don’t think that the report fearure will combat scenarios like this directly, since you will be able to report people then it might act as a deterrent, but as far as the developers have said then you would still have missed out on all of the experience and credits if this happened to you again.