So when I google this forum why does an overwatch link appear above this?

Just another way the marketing machine of blizzard has marginalized this game.


Because it’s a better game.

Let OW be OW and Blizzard be Blizzard. Yes they are the bigger company, and yes, OW seems nice. Let them be as successful as they want.

Don´t get tricked, there are ALOT Blizzard-fanboys rampaging through these forums since release as well, its getting rather annoying how a nonexisting “competition” is summoned and constructed by the fanbases…

Not seeing any mention of OW on my Google search…



same for me tried a few ways to google battleborn and i only got battleborn stuff. might show up more for you if you search a lot of overwatch also. me i do not look up overwatch stuff really

Googled “Battleborn” Gearbox Forum" “Gearbox Battleborn” and Battleborn Forum" just to see - nothing on my screen about OW neither.
First mention of OW is a “others were searching for”-suggestion from Google.

@hooofarted : pictures or it did´nt happened :wink:

Have you been googling OW a lot?

Google records your searches to feed you relevant ads. If you’ve been googling one video game (OW) you might get an ad for it when you try and google a different game (BB)

Although their ability to record this information goes down quite a bit if you (a) don’t sign in to Google (b) block certain Google tracking domains and © deny certain Google cookies. :wink:

Just googled “Gearbox Battleborn Forums” and nothing Overwatch related appeared.

You do realize the devs publicly called overwatch the competition right?

Whatever you feel, the marketing does not agree.

It’s an incredible mistake but they continue to push it.


No one seems to remember that, despite the fact there are tweets and one interview where Gearbox says they’re honored to be in competition with Blizzard and they accept the challenge.

Even though I usually disagree with your excessive negativity, this time you have a point. Check out this “Come at me bro” tweet GBX sent to Blizzard:

Obviously GBX marketing have never heard of another saying, “Don’t poke the bear”.

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Aye. There’s one of them. So I’d just love if people stop acting like Gearbox didn’t encourage it at all. Especially since the tweet went viral.

Blizzards response was wishing them good luck and saying there’s room for both games…but the damage was done.

This is the reality gbx has created for itself, and it was a poor choice to make.

Painting bb as similar enough to compete with ow is insanity.

Its not only a false comparison, its picking a fight they stand to lose badly.


It’s an advertisement. Simple as that.

Activision-blizzard payed google a lot of money, and said “anytime someone googles a video game, show ours at the top.”

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